4 Step Life Skills Sequencing Puzzles


Introducing the 4-Step Occupational Therapy Life Skills Sequencing Puzzle Cards, featuring four distinct sets of sequence puzzle cards designed to emphasize functional life skills. The puzzle element aids in sequencing life skill tasks, while also providing an opportunity to enhance fine motor skills through card-cutting activities.

This fun resource covers a range of sequences, allowing for engaging reviews in the following areas:

Chore Sequences– Making Bed, Picking Up Toys, Washing Clothes, Washing Dishes, and Washing Windows
Hygiene Sequences– Braiding Hair, Brushing Teeth, Washing Face, Washing Hair, and Washing Hands
How-to Routine Sequences – Getting Dressed, Mailing a Letter, Making Slime, Tie a Tie, and Tie a Shoe
Food Sequences – Baking a Cake, Eating Watermelon, Make a Banana Split, Making Lemonade, and Making Toast


There are two versions of the puzzle cards. One shows the steps at the top, matching the picture sequence. The other only has task labels along with the picture sequence. This caters to both readers and non-readers, accommodating various literacy levels. You can print the cards for children to practice cutting or print and laminate for focusing solely on the life skill sequencing. They make a great addition to classroom stations.

This versatile and enjoyable resource targets multiple skills, including:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual motor skills
  • Executive functioning
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Life skills

Whether you prefer color or black and white, this adaptable packet meets your preferences, providing a valuable tool for occupational therapy and educational settings.

Grab them now and unleash the life skill fun!

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