Truck Handwriting activity Slide Deck

This truck handwriting activity is another free slide deck, but one that uses truck themes to help with writing, letter formation, and working on legible, functional handwriting. Perfect for kiddos that love all things construction vehicles, this truck handwriting activities go well with our recent construction vehicle brain breaks.

Truck handwriting activities and truck writing prompts in a free therapy slide deck for teaching handwriting virtually.

Truck Handwriting Activity

Use this truck handwriting activity is great for virtual therapy (one of the many free slide decks here on the site) but can be used to outline therapy sessions in a face-to-face manner as well.

In the handwriting slide deck, you’ll find truck words that kids can copy. There are different types of construction trucks. Users can visually scan to copy the words. Expand the activity in a few different ways to work on more handwriting skills:

  • Write the words in alphabetical order to work on visual scanning, visual memory, and visual scanning.
  • Write the words into sentences to work on spacing between letters and words, margin use, and size.
  • Describe a truck on the screen and ask students to write the word from memory to work on visual memory.
  • Work on cursive writing, uppercase letters, or lowercase letters to address letter formation.
Truck writing prompts to help kids with writing words and sentences in to practice handwriting.

Truck Writing Prompts

Also included in the truck handwriting activities are writing prompts. Kids can copy the writing prompt and then continue the writing task to finish the thought. This can be a great way to work on spatial awareness, writing speed, margin use, and functional handwriting.

There are four different truck writing prompts included in the slide deck:

  • If I drove a dump truck, I would…
  • I was digging in my backyard with a backhoe and I found…
  • A steam roller was making a road and it rolled over…
  • If I could drive any truck, it would be…and I would…

Kids that love construction vehicles will love these truck writing prompts. Working on handwriting skills doesn’t need to be boring, it’s all about meaningful handwriting to make handwriting motivating and fun that build skills!

What's missing pictures like this truck "what's missing" picture help kids with visual perceptual skills like visual discrimination, figure-ground, visual scanning, form constancy, and other visual perceptual skills in handwriting.

Truck “What’s Missing” Activities

Also included in this truck activity are different truck “What’s Missing” pages. These visual perceptual activities are challenges to help kids work on visual perceptual skills like:

  • visual discrimination
  • visual figure-ground
  • visual scanning
  • visual attention
  • visual memory
  • form constancy

Turn these what’s missing activities into a motivating handwriting activity by asking kids to write the names of the truck words that are missing from the image on the right.

Draw a Truck Activity

Finally, kids can work on visual motor skills, pencil control, size and spatial awareness to draw a truck! There are several truck drawing slides included that challenge kids to draw different forms.

Free truck handwriting activities slide deck

Know a kiddo that loves all things trucks and construction vehicles? Grab this free slide deck to work on handwriting skills.

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Truck Handwriting Activities (free slide deck)!

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