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This past year has brought us new and innovative ways to serve kids in teletherapy, distance learning, and virtual classrooms. As a way to stay organized, I wanted to put all of the free Google slides that are offered here on the site into one place so that you have a space to come, check out new free slides for teletherapy and distance learning. While these are free Google slide themes for therapy, they can also be used as PowerPoint slide decks. The free slides, when used on your Google drive, include options both in interactive formats or as slide presentations.

Add these to your teletherapy activities toolbox!

Use these free Google slide decks for occupational therapy teletherapy sessions. Includes gross motor slide decks for physical therapy.

Free slides

Let’s get right to it…When teletherapy became a must for many therapists, virtual occupational therapy sessions were needed everywhere. That’s where these free Google slides came in.

Here are all of the free slide decks available for you to access and use. To organize these, I’m adding the slide decks to monthly lists. These are general, recognizing that some readers do not experience snow and ice in January or February, for example. And, some areas may not get snow at all. This is just general organization. 🙂

I’m also separating these slides into sections based on the skills that each slide deck addresses. You’ll find therapy slides centered around handwriting, visual perceptual skills, gross motor skills, etc.

Also note that many of these themed therapy slide decks fit in with our weekly therapy themes. Check out these activities for hands-on activities designed to build specific skills, home extension activities, and therapy home programs.

Be sure to save this page, because more slide decks are coming your way each week!

January Slide Decks

Our Penguin Theme Emotions Game is a fun way to work on identifying emotions and visual perceptual skills.

This Penguin Yoga Slide Deck is gross motor fun to challenge balance and coordination.

Try this Polar Bear Gross Motor Activities slide deck for a gross motor brain break activity.

Use a Build a Snowman Slide Deck for eye-hand coordination, visual scanning, and handwriting.

Use this Snowman Bilateral Coordination slide deck

February Slide Decks

This Groundhog’s Day slide deck works on visual perceptual skills and visual motor skills.

This Groundhog’s Day slide deck covers handwriting, fine motor skills, and visual perception.

Use this Valentine’s Day Motor planning slide deck with heart theme movements.

Work on handwriting and visual memory, visual perceptual skills with this Valentine’s Day Slide Deck.

September Slide Decks

This pencil themed slide deck is great for back to school. Use it to work on handwriting, visual perceptual skills, and visual motor skills.

Add this Pencil I Spy slide deck to back to school activities.

Here is a Back to School Writing Activity Slide Deck that includes an I Spy puzzle, write the room slides, writing prompts, and an “All About Me” activity.

This Back to School Visual Perception Slide Deck covers visual discrimination, form constancy, visual attention, visual closure, and more.

Use this Fall Leaves Handwriting Slide Deck to work on handwriting and fine motor skills.

November Slide Decks

Use this Disguise the Turkey slide deck for visual perceptual skills, handwriting, and typing skills.

These Turkey therapy activities cover a variety of areas: handwriting, visual perception, self-regulation, fine motor skills, and more.

This Gratitude therapy slide deck includes activities for mindfulness, handwriting, fine motor skills, self-regulation, and more.

December Slide Decks

This Holiday Cookies Slide Deck addresses working memory, visual perception, and direction-following skills.

Don’t miss this Gingerbread Man Slide Deck.

This Decorate a Gingerbread House Slide Deck is at big hit, too.

Kids love these Reindeer Games Gross Motor Activities.

Handwriting Slide Decks

Pencil handwriting slide deck

Friendship terms– print, cursive, slides available. Students can write directly on the Jamboard also.

Love and Valentine’s Day terms. Includes words and sentences.

Groundhog’s Day slide deck has handwriting activities.

Build a snowman slide deck– handwriting activities.

Turkey handwriting slide deck

Teach Letters with an interactive Letter Formation Slide Deck

Here is a “Scribble theme” Handwriting Slide Deck.

Here is a Strait Line Letters Slide Deck.

Handwriting is included in this is a Space Theme Therapy Slide Deck.

Social Emotional Skills Slide Decks

Use this Friendship Slide Deck to work on personal space/body awareness.

Work on Friendship Skills and qualities of a friend with this slide deck.

Use the  Penguin Theme Emotions Game to work on facial expressions, and identifying emotions.

Here is a Self-Awareness Activities Slide Deck to work on self-awareness, strengths, weaknesses, mindset, and other social emotional growth areas.

Gross Motor Slide Decks

This heart theme gross motor slide deck incorporates bilateral coordination, motor planning, and crossing midline. Upper body activities.

Snowman bilateral coordination slide deck for gross motor skills, motor planning, crossing midline, movement patterns, core strength.

Here is an Alphabet Exercises Slide Deck that pairs each letter of the alphabet with gross motor activities. Use this as a brain break or a movement activity challenging balance, core strength, coordination, movement challenges, and more.

Try this Monster Theme Gross Motor Slide Deck for gross motor stretches.

Visual Perceptual Skills Slide Decks

Spot It game hearts slide deck for visual discrimination, visual memory, form constancy.

Work on visual perceptual skills with a pencil theme “I Spy” game. Includes a Jamboard for writing right on the white board app.

This Groundhog’s Day slide deck works on visual perceptual skills and visual motor skills.

This Animal Theme visual perception slide deck covers a variety of areas including visual attention, visual memory, closure, figure-ground, form constancy, visual discrimination, and more, all with an animal theme.

More Themes in Virtual Therapy

Use this Therapy Planning Bulletin Board slide deck as a tool for sharing themes and therapy activities with clients. Update the slides each week for links, activities, and home programs.

This Wearing a Mask social story covers issues that come up with sensory sensitive kids.

Here is a Community Helpers Theme Slide Deck.

Here is a Football Theme Slide Deck that includes mindfulness activities, fine motor, gross motor, visual perceptual skills activities, and more.

Here is a Space Theme Therapy Slide Deck covers a variety of skills including handwriting, visual perception, eye-hand coordination, self-regulation, and more.

This Monster Theme Slide Deck covers gross motor skills, handwriting, visual perceptual skills, self-regulation, and more.

More teletherapy resources

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