Unicorn Activities: Slide Deck & Unicorn writing prompts

Today’s free therapy slide deck is a fun one. It’s a Unicorn slide deck for telehealth to work on visual perception, eye-hand coordination, and visual motor skills. Your favorite unicorn fan will also love the unicorn writing prompts that come on unicorn worksheet tasks. Check out these unicorn activities for big therapy fun! Add these unicorn activities to our unicorn yoga and your littlest unicorn fan will be so excited to develop skills!

Unicorn activities

The unicorn activities listed in the free resource below go well with some of the other activities we have:

Unicorn activities including handwriting, visual perception, and writing prompts

Unicorn Activities- Visual Perception Slides

In this slide deck, you can work on various visual perceptual skills with kids: visual memory, visual attention, visual figure ground, visual discrimination, and form constancy.

There are various slide deck activities to help kids with skills of handwriting, learning, and functional tasks.

There are unicorn puzzle activities that require the user to discriminate between details on the slides. Check out these resources for more information on visual perceptual skills:

Free unicorn worksheets to work on pencil grasp

Unicorn Writing Prompts

Also included in the slide deck are handwriting activities. Kids can write unicorn words, copy the letters and focus on legible handwriting as well as copying skills.

There are also unicorn writing prompts included. You’ll find sentences that encourage writing longer writing tasks. Depending on the user, you can make this more structured or less structured and ask that users write a full sentence, or several sentences. You could even use these writing prompts as a group writing activity.

Unicorn Worksheets

Finally, when you access the free slide deck in the form below, you’ll also get unicorn worksheets as well. These particular activities work on various areas:

  • pencil control
  • visual perceptual skills that impact handwriting
  • visual spatial skills
  • line awareness
  • fine motor skills.

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