Earth Day Round-Up

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We were on the hunt for some great Earth Day projects for preschoolers and toddlers (we found a few slugs along the way).  Do you see the size of that slug on the shovel?  Why are my kids in love with slugs?!?!  They can not get enough of looking for these and worms.

I was surfing around on some other lovely blogs and trying to find some fun crafts that we could try.  Here are a few of our favorite ones we came across all geared towards children ages two through five.

This is a fun activity for preschoolers using homemade textured paint.

Repeat Crafter Me
This Earth Day inspired felt counting book is such a great idea for toddlers.

Imprints From Tricia
What a fun idea- go on a nature hunt and create a Nature Book.
Laugh Paint Create 
Created some great recycled artwork with cardboard food boxes.

Teach Beside Me
These adorable Rock faces will make anyone smile and make a beautiful addition to a garden.

All of these great posts have inspired us to go create something special out of recycled items or something Mother Earth has provided for us…we can’t wait to get our hands dirty!

Feel free to link up any of your favorite Earth Day inspired posts in the comments, we love seeing what others are doing!

6 thoughts on “Earth Day Round-Up”

  1. We have done textured paint before and it is very fun. The two different colors look so neat! Definitely want to try this one. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Slugs are something I can't stand to look at and my kids can't stop playing with them, lol! Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment!

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