Valentine Door Banner

With Valentines Day approaching, we decided to make a cute little banner out of some empty tissue boxes.  We had two pretty cute boxes that I thought would be perfect for a project like this.
 My daughter pulled the boxes apart and I helped her cut out hearts of different sizes.  Cutting through the cardboard provided a different texture of cutting than just regular paper.  I could really see my daughter concentrating on this one (and required a little help from mom).
 With some of the hearts being small, I looked around for something we could use to poke holes in them.  I found a screw, this ended up being perfect.  We assembled all the parts…the hearts, ribbon, a screw, and scissors.
 We used the screw to poke holes in the hearts.  This was a great activity, working the fine motor skills, stability, and bilateral hand coordination.
We cut some ribbon into little pieces and measured out just enough.
 We arranged a pattern and strung the ribbon through the holes in the hearts.
 The kiddos took a little break playing with playdough while I hung the banner on the door.

 The sun was shining so bright!  I think the door looks ready for Valentines Day:)

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  1. Oh this is cute and clever! I'm always saving things (like tissue boxes) for some project some day … 🙂 now I have another idea for my "junk box" items, YAY!

    Thank you for linking up to Sharing Saturday!

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