Valentine’s Day Gross Motor Activity

Today, I’m excited to bring you another free Google slide deck, this one is a way to get kids moving and working on motor planning skills. It’s a Valentine’s Day gross motor activity that challenges bilateral coordination, crossing midline, movement challenges, and motor planning skills. Kids can follow along with this therapy slide deck and use the heart theme therapy activity to work on so many movement skills. Let’s get those kiddos moving in occupational therapy, physical therapy, in the classroom, or at home!

Valentines day gross motor slide deck for helping kids with movement, motor planning, coordination, and other gross motor skills.

Valentine’s Day Gross Motor Activity

If hands-on activities that are used by many different children are possible, sensory-based tactile activities like this bilateral coordination activity with heart drawing is the way to go for building motor planning and coordinated use of both hands.

However, if you’re working with many children or in virtual therapy situations, a guided slide deck can be helpful in encouraging kids to build specific skills like motor planning, coordination, and strengthening.

That’s where this Valentine’s Day gross motor activity comes in.

This slide deck is a tool for helping kids develop skills in a variety of areas:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Motor planning
  • Crossing midline
  • Movement changes
  • Sequencing

The heart theme is a fun way to encourage movement of these gross motor skills.

Copy the heart motor planning exercise

Kids can copy each slide in the deck and work on motor planning skills.

There are different upper body movement activities that can be used based on the needs of each individual child.

Working on balance? Go through the slides while standing on one foot and then the other.

Working on motor planning? Go through several slides and ask the child to recall the sequence of the movements as they complete the arm positioning with their eyes closed or without the visual prompt of the slides. Or, challenge the child to go through the movements as fast as they can.

Need a brain break activity? Combine heavy work like animal walks, wall push-ups, burpees, push-ups, or chair push-ups between each arm positioning.

Working on listening skills or direction-following? Use the slide deck in a “Simon Says” activity.

Valentines Day motor planning activities

Valentine’s Day Gross Motor Slide Deck

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    Valentines day gross motor slide deck for helping kids with movement, motor planning, coordination, and other gross motor skills.

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