Valentine’s Day Handwriting Activity Slide Deck

Adding fun handwriting activities doesn’t need to be boring! This Valentine’s Day handwriting slide deck proves that. Here, you’ll find an interactive free Google slide deck that challenges visual perceptual skills in the form of a match-up type of game and a Valentine’s Day themed handwriting task. Use these occupational therapy slides in teletherapy activity planning or in hybrid/face-to-face lesson planning. Let’s get ready to help kids develop the skills needed for handwriting with hearts and love!

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Valentine's Day handwriting activity and free slide deck for occupational therapy

Valentine’s Day handwriting activity

This free slide deck includes two separate activities. The first is a match up game, a lot like the virtual handwriting activities we’ve shared before, including this pencil theme write the room activity.

In this particular therapy slide deck, students can use the Valentine’s Day theme to identify the missing item on the match-up, spot it style of Valentine’s Day puzzles.

Valentine's Day Spot it activity to practice visual perceptual skills with a heart theme.

Then, on the next slide, students are given a handwriting task where they copy the word and a sentence.

There are several reasons why I’ve included these two activities together on a handwriting therapy activity.

When kids complete a spot-it game visual perception activity, they are challenging and developing several visual perceptual skills including form constancy, visual discrimination, visual memory, and visual figure ground skills.

All of these perceptual skills are needed for copying written work. When a child copies a word, they need to visually shift from their paper to the word or sentence that they are copying. To copy, students need visual perceptual skills of visual memory so that they can recall where they left off as they copy letters and words. They also need visual discrimination skills to quickly identify the differences between letters. Finally, kids need visual figure ground skills so that they can visually pull out the letters or words that they pull out of a sentence as they copy.

So, in this slide deck, students can first determine the image that is different between the two circles. One Valentine’s Day symbol is matching and all others are different. The student can click on the heart in the corner of the slide and drag it onto the matching Valentine’s Day symbols.

Valentine's Day handwriting activity for kids to practice handwriting skills.

Next, each match-up puzzle in the deck is followed by a handwriting activity. Users can copy the word or they can copy the sentence, or they can copy both! This slide deck is very adaptable depending on the needs of the child.

You’ll find different Valentines themes including cute animals with hearts, heart trees, sweet treats, heart cupcakes, emojis, conversation hearts, watercolor hearts, and even more heart themes!

Additionally, this activity is available on Google Jamboard so that users can write right on the slide with a stylus or their finger.

Free Valentine’s Day Handwriting Slide Deck

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    Valentine's Day handwriting activity and free slide deck for occupational therapy

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