Winter Snowflake Stamp Art

Kids love stamp art.  Using a tool to press paint onto a surface is therapeutic and creative.  You can press down hard or lightly, overlap stamps, add colors, or just make a simple stamp.  There’s a lot of process to creating with stamps and you can use so many objects!  We’ve stamped with potatoestoilet paper tubesstyrofoam, and even hair rollers.  These winter snowflakes use pipe cleaners and the result is wintry and beautiful!
Snowflake stamp art with pipe cleaners and blue paint. This is a great winter craft!

Winter Snowflake Art with Pipe Cleaner Stampers

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This is a pretty easy set up for an art project.  We used just a few materials:
easel paper (this pad gives you a nice big surface for creating)
bowl for the paint
I twisted a couple of pipe cleaners into a snowflake shape with one piece sticking up for a handle.  You can experiment with the shapes.  We did a flowery shaped snowflake, too.  (This would also make a great spring craft in a few months!)
Pour the blue paint into a bowl.  I LOVE this paint for it’s bright colors that don’t fade or flake once they dry.  It’s a great paint for preserving little one’s works of art.

And now it’s time for stamping.


Big Sister was so happy that she had a day off from school and got to do a craft with us.  We need to do more after school art work as a wind down from full days at school.  She loved making this stamp art and did page after page after page…

Make snowflakes art with pipe cleaner stamps.

Be sure to let us know if you make this snowflake art project.  You might be interested in more stamping activities:




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