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Spaghetti Wreath Christmas Ornament for Kids to Make

  We've been making a ton of Christmas crafts this month.  This Spaghetti Wreath Ornament made from dyed pasta was SO much fun!  One of the cousins were at our house one day for a little crafting time and all of the kids really got into the process of making our ornaments. 

 Kid Made Ornaments: Spaghetti Christmas Wreath

My kids (aged 6, 4, and 2) and my little nephew (age 2) really got into each step of this kid-made ornament.  They got to explore a little sensory fun with dyed and cooked pasta AND hone their fine motor skills while placing the pasta in the wreath shape and adding pom pom berries.

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Materials needed for these ornaments:
cooked pasta

Start by adding green food coloring to your cooked pasta.  I put the pasta into a container with a lid so the kids could shake, shake, shake that pasta. The gross motor work was a great way to get out a little excess winter energy (perfect!) and at the same time, coat the spaghetti with a nice green color.  Squirt in a lot of glue (depending on how much pasta you've got going on there...) and give that container another good shake.  You want all of the pasta coated with glue.

Place a sheet of wax paper on the table and you are ready to get started on forming the wreaths!  This job was a little better for Big Sister (age 6), and we used a spoon to help form the wreath shapes.  {Note:  If you use your fingers, you WILL end up with Grinch-like green fingertips!}

Place the red pom poms around the wreaths.  This part was great for fine motor dexterity.  Picking up those little poms and placing them carefully on the wreaths used a nice tip to tip grasp and was pretty fun, too!

We finished with another generous squirt of glue around the wreaths to make sure they stuck together as they dried.

These little guys took two whole days to dry!  This is definitely a craft that will require advance planning, but it is so worth the wait!  Once dried and on the tree, these pasta wreaths look pretty cool!

Let us know if you try this craft at home, and how it goes for you!  We love to hear from you.

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