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Glitter Paint Snowman Craft

A glittery snowman is such a winter thing!  We made a bunch of these cuties a few weeks ago and they've been decorating our dining room ever since!  The nice thing about this craft is that it uses paint and glitter so that the process is a little messy, but super sensory.  The way that we painted our snowmen was very fun and a great sensory experience for the toddlers. 

Glitter Paint Snowman Craft

Glitter Paint Snowman Craft

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We started with some white paint in a bowl and a new shower scrub.  You can get a pack of these at the dollar store.  This was the perfect stamper for our snowman's body.  The Toddlers could grab the pouf with a gross hand grasp and smash it right down on the construction paper.

Big Sister helped out with this craft and was the "teacher".  She did a great job helping Little Nephew to stamp his snowmen.

I think he was a little unsure about this!  

While the paint was still wet, we sprinkled **generous amounts** of clear glitter right onto the paint.  (But isn't everything involving glitter always generous when kids are involved? ;) )
We used the same technique recently when we made our Fine Motor Snowman Craft.

The glitter stuck right in the glue and the excess was shook off.  Our snowmen were starting to look pretty snowy!

The next step involved Big Sister coming to the aid with her "teacher" duties.  She squirted dots of glue for eyes, noses, scarves, hats, and buttons.  All of these were one at a time and because we were doing four kid's worth of snowmen, she was pretty busy with her little glue assembly line!

Little Nephew was much more sure of himself when it came to squashing the black pony beads into the glue dots.  This was a great fine motor activity for little hands.  I love those little wrinkly knuckles!

Big Sister helped to keep everyone on task with the steps.

I cut little pieces of orange felt into carrots for the snowmen noses and tiny felt hats from felt sheets.  The eyes were googly eyes and the scarves were just strips of red felt.  Once everything was glued on, we used a brown marker to draw stick arms.

Our sparkly snowman family looks pretty cute.  This was such a fun craft for multiple ages.  I love how their personalities come out in each snowman, too...with the different sized eyes, the smash of the paint, the sizes of the arms...Big fun!

Looking for more winter activities for the kids?  You will love our Winter Fun and Play Pinterest board.  It sure is fun to pin to it!

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