Fine Motor Snowman Craft

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A cute snowman art project that works on fine motor skills:
We do a TON of Fine Motor Activities for kids here on Sugar Aunts.  Recently, we’ve been on a winter kick. (Maybe its the sub-zero temps we’re having lately!)  This Fine Motor Snowman art craft was just the thing to work on a little fine motor dexterity while keeping with our wintery freezing theme!  These cute little snowmen would make the perfect addition to a winter birthday card, thank you note from the kids, or some art for someone special.  We worked on tip to tip grasp, bilateral hand coordination, and intrinsic muscle strength, while creating our snowmen.  Read all about it below!

Fine Motor Snowman Craft

Fine Motor Snowman Craft

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We started with a sheet of Hole Reinforcement Stickers.  These were fun to pull from the sheet and stick onto our blue Construction Paper.

Pulling the reinforcement stickers from the sheet required bilateral hand coordination to manage the page and pull the sticker off with the other hand.  Managing two hands together in a coordinated manner is bilateral hand coordination.  This skill is very important for self care tasks such as buttoning and zippering clothing, tying shoes, and handwriting.

We placed the stickers into a snowman by placing one sticker above the others.  It was starting to look like a snowman party!

Pinching the small stickers from the sheet required precise fine motor dexterity.  Using a tip-to-tip grasp to peel the sticker from the sheet was necessary because the stickers were so small.  A tip-to-tip grasp occurs when the ends of the pointer finger and thumb are used to pick up very small items.  Think about picking up a needle from a table surface.  This can be a very difficult and advanced fine motor skill for some!

Once our snowman were placed on the paper, we painted them with blue paint.  This was Baby Girl’s favorite part.  Recently, she has been LOVING anything involving paint!
While the paint was still wet, we sprinkled clear glitter
on our snowmen.  Picking up the glitter and sprinkling activates the small muscles of the hands~ the intrinsic muscles.  These are the muscles that allow for strength in the arches of the hands and are very important for endurance in coloring and writing with a pencil. 
The glitter stuck on the paint and made very sparkly snowmen!
To finish the project, peel the reinforcement stickers away and you’ll find a snowman.  Be sure to peel away the reinforcement labels away while the paint is still wet, otherwise it will be difficult to pull them away. 

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  1. I never thought of using reinforcement stickers to make snowmen. Too cool!

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