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Santa Snack Cups

We made these Christmas snack cups last year and have them on our list of things to make again.  These treat cups are so easy to throw together that they are perfect for family movie night or just to make any day special.  We filled ours with popcorn, but they could hold anything from dry cereal to veggies and a bit of dip. 

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Santa snack cup DIY craft.  This is easy to make and perfect for family movie night!

To make Santa Snack Cups

You'll need just a few items:
Yellow construction paper
Black construction paper
Red plastic cups

Cut a strip of black construction paper.  Tape it around the cup.  

Cut a square from the yellow construction paper.  Snip a smaller square in the center.  This makes the buckle of the belt.  Attach it to the cup with a loop of tape.  You're ready to fill the Santa cups with snacks for preschool parties, play dates, or family movie night.

This would be a fun (and easy) way to present a snack while doing a little Christmas craft with the kiddos.  Let us know if you make these snack cups here in the comments or on our Facebook page.  We would love to see them!