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Olive You Fingerprint Valentines Art

We haven't done any handprint or foot print art projects on this blog...and I think it's about time to start!  The cuteness factor of this Olive You thumbprint art is too much and I can't wait to create (a ton) more handprint, footprint, and fingerprint crafts with the kids.  Print crafts are one of those mementos that are more than just cute, it's something you want to pull out when the kids are grown and admire the smallness of their fingerprints.  This is one craft that we will definitely be saving until my little fingerprint monsters are grown!  

(Fingerprint monsters=any adorable kid that just so happens to put their fingerprints EVERYWHERE!  Fingerprints on windows, fridge, walls, cabinets, ceiling...HOW are there fingerprints on the ceiling??!!)

Olive You thumbprint art for Valentine's Day (or any day!)

Olive You Thumbprint Art

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We used green paint to make a whole page of green thumbprints.  Let them dry.  Once the green paint is dry, layer a smaller print of red paint right on top.  We had Big Sister make the larger green prints with her thumb and Little Sister use the tip of her finger to make the smaller red spot.  You could just have the child press harder with the whole pad of their thumb to get a bigger circle for the olive and use the tip of their pinkie finger to make a smaller red spot on the olive. 

Lots of olive cuteness!

I cut out the olives and we glued them onto paper to make Valentine's Day cards.

Olive you thumbprint art for kids.  This is so cute for a homemade Valentines Day card!


The best part of this craft is the olive jokes that you get to say...all day.

Olive you a whole lot!

Olive you thumbprint craft for a Valentines Day card made by kids
Watch for a few more print crafts coming this way, soon!  Olive handprint crafts!