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Baby Sensory Play Ideas

Baby and sensory play go hand in hand.  A baby has so much exposure to sensory stimulation each day.  From sounds, to sights, to textures and temperatures, a baby's sensory system is rapidly developing and filing away information.  In our house, baby is child number four...and is exposed to A LOT of auditory and visual stimulation.  She also can explore through touch many toys that the big kids have.  Sometimes it's nice to present new items for baby in a new environment that is set up just for her.  These baby sensory play ideas will encourage exploration of colors, textures, and properties.  

Baby sensory play ideas

Baby Sensory Play ideas

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We shared recently our Visual Motor Integration developmental milestones post with general timelines of baby's hand-eye coordination.  It's important to note that all children develop differently and some of these activities may not be appropriate until they are developmentally able to participate. 

We shared this mirror play idea on Instagram a while back and intended to write this post that week.  Oops, that was four months ago.  Well, time does fly when there is a baby in the house!   At the time, Baby Girl was five months old an able to do tummy time in a Boppy pillow . The pillow provided extra support and elevated her upper body to encourage reach during tummy time. As with any piece of baby equipment, this pillow and others should be used under supervision by an adult and for short periods of time.  We used a small mirror and a few colorful ball pit balls to encourage reach and exploration.  Of course the big sisters had to help!

Babies get so much exposure to different textures naturally through play.  This is just a simple way to encourage functional reach and tummy time play.  Some other items that work well with this baby sensory play activity that we love: 

Colorful plastic cups 
Extra large crafting pom poms (We received ours from Be sure to closely monitor baby if they are able to place items into their mouth! 
Plastic baby links 
snap blocks (use only if baby is not able to pull the blocks apart)

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