Activity Analysis

Activity analysis

Oh, the activity analysis.  If you’re an OT practitioner you know exactly what we’re talking about.  If you’re not, let us enlighten you with this blog post. Occupational therapy and activity analysis go hand in hand and the process of breaking down a functional task into components and underlying factors is a skill that is … Read more

February Lesson Plans

February lesson plans

These February lesson plans are perfect for developing skills in occupational therapy sessions, OT at home, or even other areas where child development is being addressed. We love to come up with themed lessons to support skill building and these February themes do just that. February Lesson Plans When we say February lesson plans, you … Read more

Valentine’s Day Occupational Therapy Activities

Here, you’ll find Valentine’s Day Occupational Therapy Activities that you can use this time of year to help kids develop skills. This is the time of year that red and pink hearts are everywhere, so why not use the theme of love and friendship in therapy interventions with fun Valentines day activities? Add these heart … Read more

Actividades de Terapia Ocupacional de febrero

February lesson plans

Ha sido muy divertido idear actividades creativas para el tratamiento de Terapia Ocupacional durante los últimos dos meses. Desde que compartimos nuestros calendarios de diciembre y enero, he recibido muchos comentarios positivos de terapeutas ocupacionales que están utilizando los calendarios para tratar a sus clientes, de padres que buscan actividades creativas para hacer con sus … Read more

Habilidades de funcionamiento

Habilidades de funcionamiento Entonces, ¿qué son exactamente ¿habilidades de funcionamiento? Haz un repaso de tu día hasta ahora. ¿Qué has hecho desde que te levantaste de la cama? Cepilló su los dientes, hecho y comido una comida? ¿Te has vestido? ¿Has hecho la cama? ¿Limpiaste la cocina? Planificó su ¿un día? Todas ellas son tareas … Read more

Weaving Projects for Kids

weaving projects for kids

Recently, I was looking into new ways to challenge fine motor skills for my clients – especially ones that did not require purchasing new materials. I wanted something that could challenge scissors use, problem solving, sequencing, attention, and could be used in prep for ADL skills, like buttoning. Then, it came to me: weaving! Weaving … Read more