Toddler Play

The Toddler Years are full of development and growth.  Children aged 1-3 learn and play so much in fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language, social skills, and self-care abilities.  The development of Toddler-aged children are dependent on play in all of these areas.  We’re sharing all of our play and learning activities for Toddlers.  Be sure to stop back often, as we are adding to this page as we create more Toddler-friendly activities.

Toddler Art Activities

Toddlers love art activities.  Give a Toddler paint, and they are in a happy place.  Creating art with Toddlers is not a product-oriented activity.  Art with Toddler aged children is such an amazing sensory and learning opportunity.  Kids can develop many skills through art, including color identification, language, self-confidence, direction-following, problem-solving, prediction, tool use, fine motor dexterity, and so much more.  Try these Toddler Art ideas for creative fun with your child.
Toddler Art Activities

Toddler Sensory Activities

Toddler Sensory Play Ideas




Toddler Movement Activities


Toddler Learning Through Play Activities

  Neat Pincer Grasp Fine Motor Activity


Toddler Fine Motor Activities

Toddler fine motor play ideas

   Scooping and pouring fine motor and hand dominance with beads

Stop back for more Toddler Play ideas as we share more here.  You can also find more ideas on our Toddler Play Pinterest board:

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