AM PM Time Telling with Shopkins

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I stepped on one again.

A little plastic toy that seems innocent enough, but it’s actually much like stepping on a hot knife. Aka a LEGO.

Only after you’re limping from the wounds of stepping on it, this cute little plastic toy just smiles back at you.  


If your house is like mine, you’ve got a zillion Shopkins in tins, in plastic sorting containers, and escaping onto the floor only to stab innocent passing feet in the night.  They are little pieces of pink plastic figures that are…a little strange…and your kids know ever single name and every single one they own.  

So, how do you battle the never-ending Shopkins fad?  If you can’t beat ’em (Because they sure are beating up my feet!), then you join ’em!  

We used our Shopkins in a learning activity to practice time telling skills, including differentiating between AM and PM.

Teaching kids how to tell time and AM PM differentiation with Shopkins and a hands on learning activity for math.

Time Telling Activity for Kids Learning AM and PM

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For this activity, we used our Shopkins on a hand drawn clock.  I pulled out a few colors of play dough to use as movable clock hands.  As we moved the hands around the clock to different positions, I had my daughter tell me the ways to read the clock.  We used both hours (10:15) and words (a quarter after ten) to describe the time.

We then added the Shopkins to the activity.  I had my daughter grab one of the Shopkins.  I moved the hands around the clock to a new time and then asked my daughter to tell me if the Shopkin would be used in the am or the pm.    

Depending on the position of the clock hands, a Shopkin could be used in an AM or PM activity:  A toast Shopkin would be used at 8:15 AM and not 8:15 PM.  The Slippers Shopkin would be used at 11:45 PM and not 11:45 PM.  The cake Shopkin would be used at 2:30 PM and not 2:30 AM.

Teaching kids how to tell time and AM PM differentiation with Shopkins and a hands on learning activity for math.

My daughter had fun coming up with different scenarios with all of the Shopkins.  We got a lot of time telling practice and the cute little plastic toys stayed safely on the table and off of the floor where they could cause me any more foot injuries!

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Teaching kids how to tell time and AM PM differentiation with Shopkins and a hands on learning activity for math.

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Do you have Shopkins all over your house, too?  Let me know if you use Shopkins in a time telling activity like this one! I would love to hear about it.

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