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Want a printable list of therapist-recommended toys to support child development?

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This list of toys covers every area that kids may need to develop through play.

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Therapist-Recommended Toy Giveaways

Head to these blog posts each day in the 12 days of therapy toy giveaways. Enter your email address into the form to enter. That’s it!

**Entry begins on the date listed. Giveaway ends 12-8-21. Winners will be notified via email.

  1. Fine Motor Toys begins 11-26
  2. Gross Motor Toys begins 11-27
  3. Pencil Grasp Toys begins 11-28
  4. Toys for Reluctant Writers begins 11-29
  5. Toys for Spatial Awareness begins 11-30
  6. Toys for Visual Tracking begins 12-1
  7. Toys for Sensory Play begins 12-2
  8. Bilateral Coordination Toys begins 12-3
  9. Games for Executive Functioning Skills begins 12-4
  10. Toys and Tools to Improve Visual Perception begins 12-5
  11. Toys to Help with Scissors Skills begins 12-6
  12. Toys for Attention and Focus begins 12-7

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