Gross Motor Toys

If you are looking for the best gross motor toys to challenge coordination, balance, motor planning through whole-body movement and heavy work play, then you are in luck with these occupational therapy toys. Each one is designed to develop gross motor skills: strength, coordination, balance, posture, and more.

PLUS, head to the bottom of this blog post for Day 2 of our therapy toy giveaway. We’re giving away a gross motor kit with agility cones, tossing loops, bean bags, and hula hoops, perfect for gross motor, balance, coordination, and even heavy sensory play through whole body movements.

We started off the fun with yesterday’s fine motor toy ideas. Today is all about the gross motor play.

First, let’s talk Gross Motor Toys!

You’ll also want to check out our blog post on Gross Motor Activities for Preschoolers because many of the gross motor toy ideas listed in this post would be great for the preschool years (and beyond!).

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Gross Motor Toys

Kids need gross motor movement for so many skills. Today, I have gross motor toys to share! Here, you’ll find the best whole body toys and ideas to help kids with balance, core strength, stability, coordination, and endurance.

These gross motor games and toys support a variety of skill areas and functional tasks. Gross motor toys can be used to strengthen balance, coordination, motor planning, position changes, and other areas.

And, when you see kids struggling to kick a ball, walk in a line at school, jump, skip, ride a bike…that’s where therapeutic play comes in!

Scroll on to check out some therapist-approved toys that help gross motor skill development!

Gross motor toys to help kids develop skills in running, hopping, jumping, skipping, crawling, and more.

Gross Motor Toy Ideas

This list of toys for gross motor skills pairs well with our recent list of Fine Motor Toys. Today however, you’ll find toys that develop a few areas that are essential to areas of child development:

Bilateral Coordination– Kids need bilateral coordination in whole body movements to move their body in a coordinated way. These whole body movements can include coordination of the upper and lower body, or both arms, or both feet, and all of the above! Here are bilateral coordination toys to address this specific area.

Motor Planning– Motor planning with the whole body allows children to move in a room without crashing into objects or other people. Gross motor motor planning allows children to climb steps, navigate obstacles, or any movement-based task. Here is more information on motor planning and motor planning toys to address this specific sub-area.

Gross motor coordinationCoordination of gross motor skills is needed for tasks such as kicking or catching a ball, riding a bike, getting dressed, or any task that uses the entire body. Here are hand eye coordination toys to address this particular sub-area.

Proprioception– Integration of proprioceptive input allows children to know where their body is in space. It tells the body how much effort is needed to pick up and move objects. Proprioception allows us to understand the body’s position as it moves in a coordinated manner.

Vestibular input- Integration of vestibular input allows children to navigate the world around them as they move. Going up or down steps or bleachers is an example of this. Moving into different positions during tasks is another example of vestibular integration. Movement through different planes requires integration of vestibular input.

All of these areas work together in functional tasks and all are rooted in gross motor skills.

Related: This dinosaur gross motor game is a skill builder, as well.

Toys for Gross Motor Skill Development

So often, therapists and teachers purchase items to use in their work using their own money. This giveaway offers a chance for you to win an item that will be useful in helping kids thrive.

And, given that kids are on screens more than ever before with all of the virtual learning and hybrid learning models being incorporated all over the world, therapists are seeing more need for active, physical play.

These are gross motor toys that you will find in therapy clinics. There is a reason why…because they are gross motor powerhouses! So, if you are looking for toy recommendations that build whole body motor skills, this is it!

Amazon affiliate links are included below. You can read more about these items by checking out the links.

Zoom ball is a great gross motor toy for kids.

Zoom Ball– This classic toy is such a great way to work on many skills. A zoom ball can be used in different positions to challenge balance and vestibular input. Try using the zoom ball games in sitting, standing, kneeling, standing on couch cushions, a slant…again, the options are limitless! Address skills such as:

  • Bilateral coordination
  • Core strength
  • Shoulder stability
  • Visual convergence
  • Motor planning
  • Coordination
Pop and catch toys can help kids develop gross motor skills.

Pop and Catch- Use this coordination toy indoors or outdoors to get kids moving. This toy can be played with while the child is standing, sitting, kneeling, or in a half-sit to challenge the core and eye-hand coordination in a variety of planes. Try playing on all fours on the floor for a shoulder girdle stability activity. Another use for this toy is by playing by standing at a table while the child shoots the ball across the table surface as they play like a ping-pong type of game. There are many uses for this pop and catch activity:

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Motor planning
  • Vestibular input
  • Core strength
  • Stability of core
  • Stability of shoulder girdle
use bucket stilts to help kids develop gross motor skills.

Bucket Stilts– These bucket stilts are perfect for helping kids develop gross motor skills. I love this set because there are 6 colored buckets that make a great gross motor obstacle course tool, too. You could use them as stepping stones to challenge balance and coordination, too. Here are gross motor skills that you can work on using these bucket stilts toys:

  • Core strength
  • Vestibular input
  • Motor planning
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Stabilizing
use agility cones to help kids build gross motor skills in obstacle courses and more.

Agility Cones– Sports cones are such an open-ended gross motor toy that can be used to develop so many skills: hopping, jumping, skipping, running, climbing, crawling…the options are endless. Use these agility cones in therapy obstacle courses, challenges, drills, and more. I chose these particular cones because they can go very nicely with a Zones of Regulation activity! Use cones to support these areas:

  • Motor planning
  • Vestibular input
  • Coordination
  • Core strength
  • Endurance
Use carpet markers to build gross motor skills with gross motor obstacle courses, motor planning, and more.

Carpet Markers– These carpet markers are an occupational therapist’s dream toy! Use the colored marker spots to help kids work on so many movement skills in obstacle courses, visual perceptual skill activities, direction following, sensory movement breaks, positioning guides, and so much more. The arrows are perfect for addressing directionality. Use them to work on crawling, hopping, jumping, stopping on a point. Just some of the areas that these carpet spots support:

  • Core strength
  • Shoulder stability
  • Motor planning
  • Coordination
  • Endurance
  • Proprioception
A parachute is a great gross motor toy for kids.

Parachute– A parachute is another open-ended gross motor toy that the kids just LOVE. This one is small enough for small groups, but builds motor skills in a big way. Use the parachute to help kids develop:

  • Core stability
  • Arm strength
  • Motor planning
  • Endurance
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Proprioceptive input

Toys for Core Strength

Toys that develop core strength get kids moving in a variety of positions. These toys support and challenge the vestibular and proprioceptive systems so they can be calming activities as well. Strength and stability in the core is needed for almost all functional tasks. Challenge kids with these core strengthening toys by getting them moving, on the floor in floor play or strengthening the core muscles through movement and balance coordination. Some ideas for developing and strengthening core strength include:

Toys for balance

Toys that challenge movement changes, stepping from high to low and low to high, and movement with vestibular input offer opportunities to challenge and develop balance and coordination skills.

Gross Motor Coordination Toys

Encourage movement, whole body play, and gross motor coordination with throwing, tossing, and hand-eye coordination or foot-eye coordination skills with these gross motor coordination ideas:

Obstacle Course Toys

All of the gross motor toys listed above could be used in obstacle courses…and what a great way to encourage so many skills! These are perfect additions to your obstacle course ideas, and challenge balance, coordination, motor planning, and add sensory input. Use these obstacle course toys to vary movement and encourage the specific skills kids need:

Want to add these toys to your home, classroom, or therapy practice? I am SO happy to fill your toolbox so you can help kids thrive and build and develop the skills they need!

More therapy Toys

Check out the other therapy toy recommendations in the list below:

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    Check out the blog comments below to see tips and ideas from readers telling us which gross motor toys they would love to use with the kids they work with and love. Have other gross motor favorites that aren’t listed here? Tell us about them!

    311 thoughts on “Gross Motor Toys”

    1. I am a new OTA just graduating this December! I use the OT toolkit so often not only for my pediatric fieldwork sites, but sometimes for my own kids as well. I appreciate this resource being available for all OTs and OTAs. Your site and Facebook page have taught me so much. I have recommended it to my other OTA friends. I would love the parachute for my future pediatric kiddos because that’s one good memory I have from my childhood. Anytime our PE teacher would pull out that rainbow parachute our who class got excited and it was so fun to work together with the other kids and get that parachute moving the way we wanted it to. And running back and forth underneath it was amazing. Every kid should have the chance to make memories like that. Once I am in a school based setting this will be an essential tool in my OT toolkit.

    2. This is amazing! I would absolutely love buckets or the carpet markers. I could use them in either of classrooms! I continue to use this site and others to help build my POCs. I would be lost without them!!

    3. You have a wonderful Facebook page! We appreciate your interesting information every day. I share your content and suggestions with my child development classes, so you are influencing many children! Keep up the good work! Thanks!

    4. I would love to use the pop and catch or the zoom ball to build muscle memory for my students and to give a different input in the body then just using our legs in the sensory room

    5. I would love any of them! So many things you can do! I particularly love the zoom balls- works so much in strengthening and coordination- but the kids don’t realize it!

    6. These are all so awesome!! I’d love to use the zoom balls to work on gross motor as well as visual convergence! My students would love it!

    7. One of the schools I worked at had the zoom ball and the kids absolutely loved it. Pop and catch seems like it’s another my students would enjoy playing—seems also easy to wipe down and sanitize.

    8. They are all awesome! I have a few students who could use the buckets to work on core strength. It’s been a difficult year to work with the students because we aren’t allowed to have students share materials due to covid.

    9. I would love to use the parachute or the bucket stilts with my students. It would be a great way for us to work on multiple skills at once while still having fun.

    10. Love Zoom ball!! One of my favorite gross motor tools I used in fieldwork and would love to have my own to add to my toolbox

    11. Kind of silly but I’ve been meaning to add zoom ball to my bag of tricks for a long time. I love that it works on bilateral coordination and timing but they’re is a visual piece to it as well. Thanks for doing all these giveaways!!

    12. I absolutely love zoomball and have been using it for years. The kids love it too. I’ve modified it and tied one side to a hook on the wall. The kids have to sit on a therapy ball and zoom the ball up to the wall. Great core strength and balance activity. I would love the carpet markers or parachute.

    13. I love playing with the parachute in groups. Working together to do similar movements. Carpet squares/markers are also a blast! Animal walks to different spots, hopping, make believe games. So many fun options with all your choices

    14. I would love to use any of these gross motor toys with OT kiddos! These would be great toys to incorporate into an obstacle course, work on bilateral coordination, motor planning, visual motor skills, and so much more!

    15. I LOVE the zoom ball! We don’t currently have one at the practice I am at, but the last place I used it a lot to work on visual convergence, visual attention.. It’s a great idea to have them stand on a bosu ball to address balance as well! I also really like the carpet markers. I do obstacle courses with almost all my kiddos, so these would be great to incorporate!

    16. Wow! All of them are so great! The zip line toy (is called the push and pull toy?) would be a huge hit for a lot of the kids I see. I big part of each session is having the kids move around for heavy work to keep them as focused.

    17. I would love to have the bucket stilts to use as part of my obstacle courses for my kids that need to work on motor planning and balance

    18. I would love to use the zoom ball as it is wonderful for convergence/divergence and upper body strengthening. The pop and catch looks like a ton of fun to help address eye-hand coordination and tracking skills. Thank you for always providing such excellent resources! Your Google slides have been a lifesaver!

    19. I love all these products , they are so amazing and versatile. I am a parent to two special needs kids, and these would be so helpful with their sensory diet, especially movement breaks, remote learning, etc. Thank you for all that you do.

    20. Zoom ball is great for bilateral coordination, strength and endurance! I use it as a warm up activity.
      The carpet markers would be a super versatile tool for school based therapy and to send home for student use for virtual therapy. I have used them for visual targets for jumping, hopping, line walking, one foot balance, stop/start, and more!

    21. Get them up and moving, so many of my students are slumped over and don’t move around. They are hard to motivate. These tools are colorful and exciting, would make motivating them so much easier.

    22. I would love to try the pop and catch with my kids. Great to work on core, shoulder stability, and visual motor skills at the same time.

    23. Wow. What a treasure. Any of these would be amazing for the kids I work with. I am in a special needs classroom and work with kindergarten through second grade. We are always looking for ways to help our kiddos. Thanks for the great ideas.

    24. These are all fantastic gross motor games and toys! I work with adults with IDD and ASD. The zoom ball game would be a great addition to our gross motor group.

    25. I always begin and end a therapy session with a gross motor activity! I love to use a large dice with the activities written on the dice so the child can roll then do the gross motor activity. Love Zoom ball, cones, and carpet markers!

    26. I would love to try the Zoom ball with kiddos. We practiced using them and learned about all the skills it can help a kiddo work on in grad school, but I never actually had the opportunity to use one with any of my kiddos. I love using tunnels and cones for gross motor activities to get them in the quadruped positioning that is so good for proximal and distal strengthening and using the cones adds that visual motor and motor planning piece!

    27. This giveaway is so wonderful. Thank you for doing this. I would love the zoom ball or stilts. They would be great for working on coordination and motor planning. On of my favorite gross motor materials is also a peanut ball for my little ones. It can be used in so many different ways!

    28. zoomball and the carpet markers!! Zoomball increases bilateral coordination, shoulder/trunk stability, timing, visual tracking, cooperative play, upper extremity strengthening. So many good things. I often have competitions or track with a visual the number of repetitions achieved to show progress and build self esteem/confidence.
      So many kiddos have decreased spatial awareness and a friendly carpet marker helps provide a visual reference! These are super cool! And encourage learning if shapes and colors!

    29. I would love any of these products! I’m new OTR grad working for a nonprofit for kids with Autism. The zoom ball, pop and catch, and carpet markers are all super versatile and would be really helpful in providing social distance and safe activities.

    30. I just purchased a zoom ball from Amazon, I have a handful of students I see in the school and others are virtual. I would like the pop and catch, it would be easy for me to carry it through 6 school I visit.

    31. I would love to use the bucket stilts or zoom ball for my prek and kindergarten classes. I’m looked at as the gym teacher/ gross motor/ sensory teacher at my preschool. I buy different equipment with my own money and could use some help to keep my kiddos active. I also use colored painter’s tape and make hopscotch and other activities on both my classroom floor and outside as well.

    32. Would love the pop and catch, parachute, and bucket stilts! I work with several kiddos that would benefit from and love these!

    33. I’m a SLP turned homeschool mom due to the pandemic. My boys are 3 and 4. We live upstairs in a condo complex where outdoor space and close neighbors limit gross motor development. I am very interested in the Zoom Ball because they love balls but they aren’t coordinated enough to play catch (and there’s an understandable fear of losing the ball if it goes over the patio wall). Their playground has been off limits due to Covid-19 guidelines and we can’t afford to send them to preschool anymore. Zoom balls would be great for core strength/ hand eye. Ordination and social development. The perfect solution for SIP bound little ones with increasing unpredictability as the pandemic continues. Thank you!!

    34. The pop ball would be so fun. My students love the ball subtest in the BOT, so any ball item would be great. The carpet markers would be awesome too. When I look at all these goodies. I see one amazing obstacle course ?

    35. This is such a great opportunity! Thank you for this offer. I love to use the carpet markers with my students and also the parachute.

    36. I would love either the stilts or the carpet markers. The opportunities are endless for the carpet markers! I can imagine all the fun I’d have with my kids with any of the gross motor toys!

    37. Carpet markers would be soooo useful! Just reading a series of articles on crossing midline and can see how carpet markers can help with trunk rotation. I can imagine using them for visual perception activities as well. In the classroom, they could be fun for practicing HFW relays. Highly useful tool!

    38. Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! I’d love ALL of these items to use with my students. The stilts are something that we don’t have access to and are wonderful for balance and coordination. Many of my kinders could benefit from using these to strengthen their skills!

    39. The colored mats in shapes would be wonderful to use during speech therapy in the classroom and in individual session to work on 2-step directions, and fun movement games.

    40. I love the carpet markers. They are so simple but lead to so much creativity from my kids during obstacle courses, play, exercises, etc.

    41. Kids love Zoom Ball! Great for bilateral coordination, motor planning, attending, and cooperative play. I’d love to have one in all the elementary locations I support as a COTA.

    42. The cones are great! Would love to hear more about how to use them for a Zones of Regulation activity. I love introducing the Zones to children to aid in increasing their awareness.

    43. I would love to use the carpet markers and Zoom ball. Carpet markers are great for students who struggle to find their place to sit on a carpet as well as for obstacle course activities. Zoom ball has always been a favorite for my students working on bilateral coordination and upper body strength.

    44. I would be happy to add any of them to my tool box. However, my 2 favorites are zoom ball and bucket stilts. There are so many different activities they students can do with these.

    45. I love using bumpy balance stones to, of course, work on balance, but I like the tactile component to them as well! I miss having zoom ball in my practice! It’s a great tool.

    46. I would love the zoom ball visual tracking skills and gross motor coordination or the bucket stilts for balance skills!

    47. I love the carpet markers, especially with the times of social distancing in the classroom. This allows the students to stay active, while keeping distance. I would love to try some other gross motor toys in my classroom

    48. I would love to try the bucket stilts! I haven’t incorporated obstacle courses as much a I could and this would be the perfect opportunity!

    49. Gross motor and movement activities are so beneficial for brain development ! As you noted- school budgets are very limited….

    50. I would love any of these! I like to use gross motor play in my sessions to work on motor planning, sequencing, core strength, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination. I get so much more out of my kids when we add this type of play. They don’t even know they’re working!

    51. I would love the zoom ball. I love it for bilateral hand use as well as upper extremity strengthening. Really I would love any of these items!

    52. Carpet markers! They are so versatile and have been on my purchase order list for FOREVER! I work in a low income district, so funding is low already. Add COVID to the mix and we basically got nothing this year. I have a whole list of ideas that I would use the carpet markers for too!

    53. Buckets, zoom ball, and pop ball are all awesome activities for visual attention and tracking and core strength!! They are so highly motivating that I end up giving away so many each year so the kids can keep practicing ?‍♀️??
      Would love to win some~which I will no doubt give away to a child who needs them!

    54. Pop and catch would be such a lovely toy to use to help work on eye hand coordination, bilateral skills, motor planning with kids in groups! I work in a school for kids with special needs, and many of them enjoy playing catch as warm up in beginning of sessions. This is a way to make the experience more dynamic.

    55. I would love the carpet markers or Zoom ball to use with my students in the Tuscaloosa, AL area! I am an occupational therapist and learning new things everyday. Would love the carpet markers to use for gross motor skills and for sensory paths and movement breaks! The zoom ball is great for strengthening and coordination!

    56. I would use the zoom ball. It seems like a great way to play in a variety of ways to delevop many skills at the same time all while getting in some proprioceptive input.

    57. I think the zoom balls are an exciting toy that my preschool age children with love while working on some critical skills

    58. Zoom ball is my favorite! This can be used in so many ways with a variety of kids. Definitely a favorite at the clinic I used to work at!

    59. I would love to win the zoom ball! It’s so great for upper body strength and coordination! Great tool for pre-catching skills and grading movements.

    60. Oh my gosh I love The bucket stilts for core strengthening, balance, motor planning, improving spatial awareness and so much more!

    61. I love all of these. The bucket stilts and the carpet markers would be great in my sensory room! I just finished my OTD last night!!!! So excited and now onto the next step of continuing to promote our great OT profession.

    62. I love the parachute! I am a school based OT and this would be great in small groups to not only work on gross motor skills but also social emotional skills of turn taking and working together. Could also incorporate many mindfulness components! I love your resources!!

    63. I think Pop n Catch would be great for a wider age group. Doing school based, its always a struggle finding different hand-eye/gross motor for older students.

    64. I am an OT and I would love the bucket stilts! Thank you for taking the time to making OTtoolbox a wonderful resource for practitioners and parents. This has been a great tool to inspire new ideas for sessions with my students.

    65. What a great selection of toys! All would be wonderful to add to therapy sessions. I have not had the opportunity to use carpet markers but feel they would be so versatile and fun!

    66. The pop ball would be great to work on so many things. Balance, motor coordination, motor planning- I would love these!

    67. I would love the pop and catch! Kids learn such great eye hand coordination skills as well as sequencing/timing, and motor planning. Many ways to adapt for a just right challenge too!

    68. I would like to use the parachute. It is great way to work on gross motor skills without having to single out a child individually. They are simply having fun with their friends. Win!, Win!, social skills and gross motor at the same time.

    69. I would love any of these items! I need to incorporate more gross motor activities in my sessions for coordination and motor planning skills, as well a sensory regulation. My favorites would probably be the carpet markers, bucket walkers, or the agility cones. Thank you for the giveaway opportunities.

    70. I am a recent COTA graduate and new to school based OT. I would love any of these toys to use in our therapy room at school!

    71. I am a recent OTR graduate working at school and would love incorporating the bucket stilts into my sessions! What a great way to spice up obstacles courses, as well as having many other uses as well!

    72. I would love to try the bucket skits, pop and catch and the parachute as part of therapy sessions. I use zoom ball all the time and love it…especially with incorporating stand on a balance board for more of a challenge. Any of these would be great additions to an obstacle course.

    73. My students would be so excited to use the parachute! It was one of my favorites in school and I’m sure they would love it just as much!

    74. The kids I work with would love any of these! Especially to make an obstacle course in the hallway – a favorite activity when the weather requires indoor recess!

    75. I love the smaller parachute for a variety of gross motor and core stabilizing goals. The carpet markers would be better than the stickie notes that I use! 😉 The pop and catch would be fun to use too. Any of these tools would be great to add to my bag of tricks!

    76. I would love to try out the Zoom Ball with some of my students who have defects in bilateral coordination, core strength, and motor planning. What a fun way to address these skills!

    77. I co-treat with our speech therapist we would love to use all of these in our sessions. We have had amazing sessions using gross motor/sensory to facilitate communication device use.

    78. I would love to have the zoom balls to use for bilateral coordination practice. The kids find them so fun!

    79. I love the carpet markers! I have a lot of kids with motor planning and visual perceptual needs on my caseload and these would be perfect! Already thinking of so many different activities!

    80. Love the zoom ball and the bucket stilts, although they all look great. Nothing better than learning through play. Time to go shopping!

    81. I am excited to explore your suggestions to improve bilateral coordination. My husband and I are both ambidextrous and my child with autism is demonstrastrating the same trait. He struggles with bilateral coordination and our OT told us practice is the only way to improve this skill. So I have been searching for a variety of fun methods to accomplish this. Thanks!

    82. All would be great to use with my students. Especially the pop an catch toy to use for motor coordination or the carpet spots to use for obstacle courses.

    83. All these toys are great! We would to use the zoom ball or the carpet markers! Both of my kids need to strengthen their core and they look like activities they would love and notice how hard they are working while playing! That’s a win for me.

    84. The pop and catch looks like a great idea to work on visual and gross motor skills. I could imagine it working for students at different levels depending on whether you try to catch and throw the ball as part of the activity or keep it stable and aim and shoot the ball across the room. Another sensory motor toy that would be fun to have is a bilibo chair!

    85. I love all of these, but the Pop and Catch really looks fun! I that kids can play with others as well as practice in their own. Sometimes, especially with the older kids, I see them shy away from gross motor activities, especially if they’re “team” sports. This is an awesome toy!

    86. I love all of these! My favorite would have to be zoom ball. I love that it works on so many different skills. Another gross motor equipment that is not listed and love using too is the trampoline! Thank you for doing all these giveaways! Such a great way to give for the holiday season!

    87. I would love the balance risers, my toddler love balancing and obstacle courses and I think this would make a great addition! Love the balance and bilateral coordination aspects of this activity.

    88. Zoomball is the only one I’ve had experience with and I really enjoyed it. I’d love to win one I haven’t had experience with yet.

    89. I absolutely love zoom balls! My students would benefit from the carpet markers, we could play so many fun games.

    90. I would love to create a super cool motor lab with all of this equipment to support development of vis perceptual skills, balance, coordination, reflex integration and bilateral coordination of my students! Thanks for all you do 🙂

    91. The zoom ball would be perfect for my daughter’s bilateral coordination delay and my son’s SPD. My kid’s also like making obstacle courses so the carpet markers or the block stilts would be helpful for that. Thank you for all your advice. You have really helped me on this crazy new journey we have been on.

    92. These are such great items to help kids who are stuck inside and remote learning! So many ideas swimming in my head.

    93. I would Love the bucket stilts, they are different than anything we have on hand! We use scooters and roller racers a lot

    94. I would love the carpet markers and cones! They are great for obstacle courses to encourage motor planning, proprioceptive input, core strengthening, and more!

    95. I’d love to have these tools to work on so many skills with the preschool classes that I push into weekly!

    96. These are all great, but If I had to choose one it would have to be carpet markers. I can imagine many different ways to incorporate them into a session!

    97. I would love the carpet markers to include in an obstacle course. I do that at home a lot with my toddlers and in my private practice with my kids that could be sensory seekers

    98. These are great ideas to try to incorporate during my therapy sessions with my preschool and elementary groups!

    99. As a school-based OT and mom, I would love to use the zoom ball toy. It is amazing for working on bilateral coordination as well as timing and strengthening of arms and shoulders. I have seen it used but don’t own one, so it would be really nice to add one to my toolbox. 🙂

    100. I would love the zoom ball or pop and catch! (all of these items are awesome, really). My students would LOVE these two items! The zoom ball is a nice fun way to work on bilateral coordination, shoulder strength, timing, grading force, turn taking and so much more!

    101. I would love the ZOOM ball. It is a toy from my childhood and I didn’t consider the endless possibilities for coordination, timing and strength. It would also be a great activity for my older ‘tweens’ that are difficult to motivate.

    102. Hi there. I work with students in an elementary school and I love to use to zoom ball with them, especially during Covid times! Gotta keep our distance! 😉 We love to use our “steam roller” for some good proprioceptive input!! Thank you so much!!!!

    103. I would love these to use on my own three kiddos now at home (my preemie has a sensory disorder) then use with my kiddos with Autism when we return to the building! Thanks for the chance!

    104. I would honestly be thankful for any of the items! I am new to schools this year and travel between multiple buildings within the county. It would be nice to have my own supplies that I could bring with me to each building! Especially with the increased restrictions in place this school year

    105. The carpet markers are perfect for group gross motor games… especially with the 6 foot distance requirement!

    106. I love using the zoom ball during treatment!
      I would love any of these but would find the carpet markers invaluable to use in the home setting.

    107. I love using the zoom balls in practice with many different skills levels. I would love to use the pop and catch for some fun eye hand coordination with my clients, especially with my visual seekers.

    108. Would love any of these for my kiddos! But the gross motor marks are helpful for my little kids that are learning how to jump. Thanks for the opportunity

    109. I love all these gross motor toys! My favorites are the Zoom balls-great for motor planning and bilateral coordination, and the agility cones. So many uses for those, locomotor games, boundary markers, endurance… thank you for the opportunity to enter your drawing!

    110. I love all of these toys! I would love to add a zoom ball to my OT toolkit to improve motor planning, bilateral coordination and shoulder stability.

    111. I would love to win the bucket stilts or carpet markers. Both are great for obstacle courses, balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Thank you for this. It’s amazing.

    112. I try to include working on general coordination skills in my sessions because it helps prepare students for table top activities and supports foundational skills. I think many of my students would enjoy the pop and catch game.

    113. I love all of these gross motor toy options! The agility cones would be a great addition to my department… I am a sucker for anything presented in the basic colors of the ZONEs program. So versatile! A key trait for any OT toy/tool!!

    114. Pop and catch would be great to use with my students in grades K to 3 rd grade! They are in school 2 days a week to get some movement activities.

    115. I would love to use the parachute at my clinic with the kids to work on bilateral coordination and motor planning! Also working on play development with peers and working together.

    116. These are all so great! The cones, carpet markers, and bucket stilts would be awesome to add to my toolbox.

    117. I love all the toys on this page!! I like to incorporate step ups into my sessions as it utilizes the leg muscles and combine it with reaching for things, the arm and core muscles come into play too. The bucket stilts are a cute and colorful way of incorporating them into the session. Right now I just have a boring step, but these cute buckets would be a wonderful and colorful addition. I’m sure the kids would love them! We can build obstacle courses and even turn them over and throw bean bags into them!

    118. I would love a zoom ball or parachute. I like that it works on coordination, motor planning, and strengthening in a fun way!

    119. I would love to win this gross motor giveaway! I really like the carpet markers to make a fun and engaging sensory path for my students. I haven’t seen these before and I’m usually carrying a lot with me as I travel from school to school!

    120. I love the parachute! No only does it address the skills that you mentioned above, but it’s also great for social interaction among the kids. We played with a parachute during one of my OT classes where one person announces “Any who’s name starts with J can run and find a new spot,” “Anyone who is holding the color blue should switch with someone else,” and so on. Not only was it a great gross motor game, but it got the kids thinking and paying attention as well. Everyone loves the parachute and it brings me much joy watching their smiling faces! 🙂

    121. The carpet markers! So simple but so many uses! Would love to use them for body positioning activities, obstacle courses, and attention activities

    122. I would love the floor spots and arrows to create a sensory pathway thats movable and flexible in the schools I work in.

    123. Definitely the parachute! We had one last year and used it so much it ended up with holes. I love watching them “explore” different games to play with it.

    124. Ah the buckets! I would love those to build a challenging obstacle course to improve balance and coordination. So many fun tasks can be used with these!

    125. All theses are great additions to any motor room / therapist’s tool box. The zoom ball is one of my favorites.

    126. These toys are all great. I love the carpet markers to allow gross motor movement within the classroom setting. Also in times of COVID the zoom game is a great collaborative activity that incorporates sequences and upper extremity strengthening.

    127. I would love the carpet markers to use with my young kiddos in the OT clinic. They are so versatile – great as visual cues for hopping, jumping feet out and in when starting to learn Jumping Jacks, and so many more uses!

    128. I’m excited to try the carpet markers. I think it would be great for a visual cue. I also love using a scooter board as a core strengthening, sensory input.

    129. I would love to use zoom ball with my kids! It is such a dynamic game and you can adapt it to target so many skills. It’s also very fun to play, for both kids and adults!

    130. The parachute has so many benefits for gross motor development! This would be a great addition to the OT toolbox in a school setting! Thank you for these giveaways!

    131. I would love to try the carpet markers to work on bilateral integration, right/left directionality, motor planning, visual tracking, etc

    132. These are all awesome therapy tools! The zoom ball is definitely one of my favorites to work on bilateral skills, timing, strength etc. Bucket stilts and parachutes are a lot of fun too!

    133. I love the zoom ball as well as it works on not just gross motor but as well coordination and visual procsssing.

    134. I would love the Zoom ball or pop and catch. I work with so many different age groups and abilities it is hard to find activities that engage the older kids on my caseload.

    135. I’d have to say the carpet markers would be my 1st choice! There are so many possible uses for them. I am envisioning a nice sensory path inside the therapy room!

    136. Zoom balls are my favorite!! That are so motivating and challenging at the same time. I have not met a student who doesn’t want to have fun with them while working on bilateral coordination, motor planning, balance and core strength!

    137. I would love to have the pop and catch toys to use with the kids I work with! What a great way to work on coordination skills among other things!

    138. Wow- great resources! As a Special Education Teacher, I’m responsible for providing services for my kiddos in the area of gross motor skills weather my students receive DAPE or OT or not. I could really use some tried and true resources! I am always trying to find or make things- this would be great to have!!

    139. Growing up, I loved when our gym teacher would bring out the parachute for playing…I would love to introduce that to my son, as he loves things that are visually stimulating (and colorful).

    140. I love the Pop and Catch for visual tracking and eye hand coordination, plus with Covid it’s the perfect solitaire game kids can still play and enjoy without risk of spreading and contact to others. Hope I win!

    141. I would love the bucket stilts. Bucket stilts and stepping stones are a terrific tool that can be adapted for a solid gross motor session in virtually any space. Believe it or not my favorite gross motor equipment is rubber chickens. The children have a blast stepping on them, grabbing, throwing, catching and jumping over them. They don’t even realize it’s intervention!

    142. I’ve always loved zoom ball for kids and adults. It takes a lot more coordination and control than the kids realize and my older students love it. I currently have a room with a small ramped hallway outside, so any of these items would be amazing. Id love to set up a temporary sensory path out there and the floor shapes would be perfect!

    143. I would love the carpet markers! Many students need visual and concrete cues for understanding where and how to place their bodies. These would be amazing!

    144. They are all amazing tools to use with my kiddos! But, I think I would love those carpet squares and pop n catch the most! Thank you!

    145. I work for the public school system as an OT, and would love to win the Carpet Markers, Bucket Stilts, Pop & Catch, or Zoom Balls. I work closely with the OTs and know they could use these items too.

    146. I have a library to check things out of, but with nearly 20 OTs, it is sometimes tough to get what I would like to use at the time. I would love to have a Zoom ball in my Personal toolkit!

    147. I am constantly looking for ideas to keep my OT sessions fun and engaging. I love these tools and would make great use of them in my sessions! Thanks!

    148. I am a teacher and would love to use the carpet makers. These would have so many uses in the classroom from creating a circuit to telling the kids where to sit on the floor.

    149. My students would totally benefit from these amazing gross motor toys to work on their motor planning, core strengthening, bilateral coordination, and crossing midline. I think they would especially like the stilts!

    150. The Carpet Markers would be so helpful when working with students on jumping, scanning for things, coordination activities, foot placement on steps, following a trail, etc! I can also think of so many great uses with the Zoom Balls!

    151. I love zoom ball for a lot of reasons and especially right now because it is easy to clean! I’d love to win the pop and catch!

    152. We love the parachute! Great to work on fast/slow, up/down, on/under concepts with it too. Scooter boards are also a big deal with so many ways to use them for gross motor development!

    153. I love using parachutes with my child. He loves lifting it up and down and feeling the breeze the parachute makes when it comes down

    154. I think the Carpet markers or Parachute would be fantastic to use in my classroom. Children need a constant reminder of where to go and I don’t have any types of markers so this would help tremendously. Another idea would be the parachute. I don’t have ha parachute so this would be incredibly fun for the children. Either one would be great and I, along with the students would appreciate this gift. Thanks.

    155. I would love to use the carpet markers. Soo many possible ways to use these to address multiple skills. Luv them!

    156. I would love the pop & catch or carpet markers! A lot of my kiddos like to throw & catch a ball so the pop & catch would add an extra twist to this activity. Carpet markers are much more visually appealing than tape! My younger kiddos like it when I make special markers for them to stand on but I don’t always have time.

    157. Gotta love the parachute! Whenever I have room for it, it is always the most-loved equipment. I love using the parachute in multiple ways to provide sensory input and motor sequencing fun.

    158. I would use all of them but mostly the cones to help with bilateral coordination and crossing midline exercises!

    159. Cones for midline crossing when an OT needs to change it up from the cup and marbles game.
      Seriously I would find a way for any of these tools to work its way into an OT session.

    160. ZOOM BALL!!!!! I am a new graduate that works in an outpatient pediatric clinic with contracts in private school. So many of my kiddos need upper extremity strengthening but due to space its not as easy for me to do in their school. My office technically is my car and have to be adaptable with the tools I do have which is limited. Zoom ball would be a fun way to engage my kiddos in gross motor activity and its compact which is important to me!

      I think a great add-on to your list would be a crawl tunnel, it can be converted into many gross motor obstacle courses!

    161. I am a new therapist and do not have a lot of equipment as the school does not provide anything so I am responsible to get my own equipment. It would be great to win any of these gross motor tools, but one that I think the kids I am working with would love the zoom ball!

    162. I love the Bucket Stilts! It’s so much fun to navigate obstacle courses around the therapy room and in the hallway!

    163. I would love any of the toys that work on vestibular and proprioceptive input. We are always looking for safe and engaging ways to do this with students.

    164. I would use them all but the zoom ball is a favorite. I keep several in each biulding to tie up for beginners or use with a partner or to use with all students on the playground when in school!

      I also encourage them in homes with sibling and for party gifts!

    165. I love to use bean bags when kids are weight bearing through their hands- especially if their hands are fisted.

    166. Any and all look to be fun and would be a great addition to a classroom with the winter months head. I personally like the pop and catch. Thanks for a great opportunity to win!!!

    167. I would totally use the ball poppers for eye hand coordination, proximal and distal joint stability, balance, and UE coordination with my students!

    168. The zoom balls are always fun with students. It requires bilateral coordination, motor planning, timing and is very motivating for children.

    169. The bucket stilts are a great idea! I like that they could be used in many different ways during a session. Thank you for all the great ideas.

    170. I would love the bucket stilts. We have made our own from cans but if the edges are shape then they don’t work. They also cut into our ropes. Our kids would love them and be stomping all over the center.

    171. The Zoom ball and parachute are 2 of my favorite ones! So many ways to work on OT skills and they are always a hit with the kids!

    172. I honestly would love any of these GM toys to add to my tool box! I can think of 100 ideas for each of these that could be beneficial for all the kids on my caseload! If I had to choose, I would probably pick Zoom Ball or the Parachute!

    173. I love obstacle courses. They are often my go-to for setting up a play rotation activity in my pre-k classroom. I think the agility cones would be awesome to incorporate in the mix!

    174. I see so many OT toys that would work for my students. I’d be happy to receive any of them. I love everything you offer to people out there. You are such a wonderful source of pulling vendors and the community together. Thank you for your great service to all of us.

    175. I love pop and catch. It improves motor planning, sequencing and is different and exciting every time you play!

    176. It is amazing that you are doing this giveaway. These gifts are all amazing. I could picture so many fun activities that I can do with my home health and clinic kiddos with the floor shapes and the cones. Thank you for everything you are doing and your products are amazing!

    177. I love all of these, but I would especially love the carpet markers… I’m imagining the great obstacle courses I can set up for my kids, or the stars I can lend out to teachers to help kids with poor body awareness know where there rug spot is!

    178. I love all of these, but I would especially love the carpet markers… I’m imagining the great obstacle courses I can set up for my kids, or the stars I can lend out to teachers to help kids with poor body awareness know where there rug spot is!

    179. I love the agility cones because theyare bright and colourful and they are always used during our PMP gross motor sessions. They are also an excellent way for little ones to learn their colours as well. Awesome!

    180. I would love to use the carpet markers – so versatile as visual cues for gross motor activities and motor planning.

    181. Pop and catch and carpet markers have been on my wish list for a while now. So many fun ways to play to meet those goals!

    182. I work in the EI field and I love the carpet markers! They would be perfect for our current social distancing restrictions.

    183. I love the Zoom ball and use it all of the time. I haven’t ever tried the Pop and Catch so I would love to try that for eye hand coordination. Great ideas!

    184. I would use the agility cones, bucket stilts and carpet markers for obstacle courses and when working on spatial awareness, midline crossing, upper body weightbearing, etc. All the toys are very useful.

    185. I often incorporate gross motor movement into sessions prior to table top activities. This helps to get the ‘wiggles’ out and works on skills that support fine motor development. The Pop and Catch and carpet markers would be great additions.

    186. I would love the bucket stilts. Such a fun activity that the kids don’t even realize they are working!
      Although a lot of our job is like that which is why I love this job!

    187. Love carpet markers! I literally use them 100 different ways! They are engaging for all ages no matter the activity! I work at several schools and would love a permanent set for my toolbox!

    188. Carpet markers, bucket stilts, or zoom ball! I love zoom ball but we currently don’t have one at my school.

    189. I would love the obstacle course. I nanny a 7yob who is proprioceptive and we are working on core and crossbody. It will be fun to change things up and of course play the floor is lava.

    190. It’s a tie between Pop and catch and bucket stilts. Both would be great hand eye coordination, vestibular and motor planning activities!

    191. Every one of these would be so beneficial but my first go to would be the Bucket Stilts. What a fun and exciting way to help with balance and coordination.

    192. I have never seen the Zoom ball before and would love to try It on some kiddos. The bucket stilts and the carpet stilts would also be good for obstacle courses for so many skills including balance and motor planning.

    193. I have so many memories using rainbow parachutes from my own childhood to using it with kids today in schools. Works on so many qualities not just gross motor but also visual, social, and teamwork too.

    194. I love the zoom ball! Its a great upper body workout while working on convergence at the same time. I like to make my clients stand on stepping stones or a balance beam to work on balance at the same time as well. All of the above equipment are great tools! Love them all!

    195. The Zoom Ball is great for partnering students and working on strength and bilateral coordination…and just having fun!

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