Books for a New Baby

Looking for books for a new baby? This list of the best baby books are great for infants and babies, and some of the books are great for toddlers with a new baby sibling in the house. Add these baby book ideas to your list of baby play!

We’re so excited to have Erica from What Do We Do All Day here to guest post for us!  She’s put together a wonderful list of books for new babies.  Perfect timing for the new baby in our house!

Best Baby Books

I’m delighted to be here on The OT Toolbox while Colleen settles down with her new baby! One of the best starts a parent can give their child is to read to him or her from day 1. Reading aloud builds literacy, offers comfort and helps baby’s brain develop! On What Do We Do All Day? I offer parents a new book list every Monday and I’d love to share with readers five of my favorite books to read to a new baby.

Please note: this list contains affiliate links that support this blog and the new baby’s diaper habit!

A new parent can’t go wrong with any of Sandra Boynton’s books, but Tickle Time! is particularly fun. Babies love to hear rhymes and repetition and Boynton supplies all that and more.

Purchase the board book edition of the classic Goodnight Moon because you will be reading this one again and again. You may remember the “great green room” and the “red balloon” from your own childhood. Share them with your little one and you’ll soon be able to recite this one from memory.

Ten, Nine, Eight Board Book by Molly Bang is near the top of my list of all time favorite books for babies. It’s a gentle, rhyming lullaby about a girl getting ready for bed with her father. I love it so much, I’ve put it on several of my book lists, including a list of 15 multicultural books for babies and toddlers.

Babies love looking at faces and any of the Look! Baby books, such as Baby Faces makes a great addition to your new baby library. When reading the book, take your time and point to all the body parts on the faces and then touch the corresponding parts on your own baby’s face. This will help teach him a sense of self and how to read emotions.

Tana Hoban’s Black & White series of board books are perfect for little eyes which are attracted to contrast more than color. Pointing out familiar objects will increase babies vocabulary and their understanding of the world around them.

I hope these books encourage you to read everyday to your baby so matter how young he or she is. Here’s a tip from me: if you get bored of baby books, pick up your own reading and simply read aloud. It doesn’t matter that your child will not understand, Baby will simply love hearing your voice.

What are your favorite books for a new baby?

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Erica is a theater geek turned stay-at-home mom with an obsession with children’s books and easy indoor activities, which she chronicles on her blog, What Do We Do All Day?. She makes book lists, drinks chai, plays board games and explores New York City with her two boys. 


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