Christmas Sensory Fine Motor Noodle Play

This sensory play activity with noodles was a hit with Baby Girl (age 2)!  She loved the fine motor aspect and the sensory play.  She is a fun-loving two year old and this Christmas play activity was just right for her. 


Christmas Sensory Play with Noodles

Candy Cane Sensory and Fine Motor Christmas Play with noodles. By Sugar Aunts

Noodle Fine Motor and Sensory Play

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We had a handful of noodles that were left over from a meal and were not going to be eaten.  These were the perfect thing for a little sensory and fine motor play…candy cane style!  I grabbed half of the noodles and tossed them with red food coloring in a baggie.  A few drops of peppermint extract in the baggie and another good shake, and we were ready to play.  I added a couple of drops of extract to the un-dyed noodles too…these sensory noodles smelled so good!

We had the red noodles mixed in with the un-dyed noodles in a bin and a cookie sheet right beside it.  Baby Girl spent the longest time just pulling noodles out and laying them on the cookie sheet.  This was such a fun sensory play experience for her. 

I extended the play a little bit longer (and added a fine motor component) by pulling out a recycled grated cheese container.  I showed her how to thread the noodles into the holes of the lid.  This was great fine motor work.  She loved threading the red and white noodles through the holes.  We worked a little on the color red, too. 

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