Clay Nature Art Sculptures

We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather and having TONS of outside play.  We’ll hang out in our back yard and get into all kinds of ball throwing, tree climbing, water playing fun.  One morning we pulled out some lumps of clay.  They were combined into pretty swirls of colors.  Ad a few leaves and sticks and we had

Nature Art Sculptures from Clay!

This clay is reeeeally hard, so we put it into a bin of water and pressed and pulled the clay until it became softer.  The warm sun didn’t hurt either.  What better fine motor strengthening play than messing with clay!
The sticks and colorful leaves
(HOW are the leaves falling already!?!)
made pretty little sculptures  for our driveway.
Pushing those sticks into the hard, resistive clay was great fine motor dexterity work, including tripod grasp for the smaller trigs, and tip to tip grasp to push the leaf stems into the clay lump.
These lumps of clay turned into something else not long after our sculpture fun…wait until you see what happened next 😉
Looking for more ways to work on tripod grasp?  Start here:

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