Balls in the Baby Pool

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We’ve been loving these last days of summer before the school starts up again.  One super nice and sunny day, we had the baby pool out and added a colorful twist…all kinds and shapes, and colors of different balls.

Baby Pool with Balls

We threw in ball pit balls, ping pong balls, whiffle balls, and every other kind we could find.  This was such a fun way to play in the pool.  Everyone had fun throwing them in and out of the baby pool and grabbing at the different colors. 
We had all preschool-aged and toddlers at our house today, but, this would be great for sitting babies too!  The eye-hand coordination and visual tracking skills really develop with this one.  They can visually track the different colored balls as they scoot around in the water and grasp at them.  We had so much fun with this. Let us know if you try this activity, we would love to hear how it goes in your house!
Try putting something different in your baby pool while the weather is still warm, or pin it for next summer 🙂
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