Clothing Sensitivity Red Flags

You might know a child who HATES that tag in the back of their shirt.  Maybe the seam of socks need to be lined up “just right”.  Maybe you know a student who only wears shorts no matter the weather.  All of these clothing preferences might be a red flag related to a clothing sensitivity and sensory processing issues.

Clothing sensitivity can mean we need to take a closer look at sensory issues with clothes and they specifics about the clothing: textures, fabrics, tag location, etc.

Sensory friendly clothing can make all the difference in the world to the kiddo that struggles with these intricacies that you or I may not even notice! Even taking a moment to consider how clothing fasteners impact the sensory system can have a huge impact.

A clothing sensitivity related to specific clothing preferences is a common red flag related to sensory processing disorder.

Clothing sensitivity red flags related to sensory processing disorder or sensory struggles in kids


Clothing Sensitivity Disorder

We all prefer certain textures of clothing, however, when clothing sensitivities or the touch discrimination (sensory touch) prevents one from wearing clothing or an extremely strict preference in clothing, there may be more to look at. Tactile defensiveness can impact daily self-care and functional performance in wearing weather-appropriate clothing. Take a look at the clothing sensitivity list below.

Because sensory processing challenges present differently in each child, there will be no list of clothing preferences that is the same for every child. There will also be no completely exhaustive list of red flags related to sensory processing issues or one that can indicate specific sensory issues.

However, it is possible to notice sensory needs related to clothing preferences and clothing sensitivity. The red flags listed below don’t necessarily mean that a child has a sensory processing disorder, only that a more intense look at the child might be needed. If a child seems to have a number of clothing sensitivities, a full evaluation by an occupational therapist may be needed.

Here are tips for getting sensory kids to wear winter clothing.

Does any of this sound familiar? 



Clothing sensitivity red flags

Below are some examples of clothing sensitivities. These sensory issues with clothes may impact children, adults, or anyone in between.

An individual who prefers to wear only one type of texture is not something to be concerned with. Similarly, the student who wears shorts all winter long can get by with learning in the classroom without interference. The main consideration is when clothing sensory issues interfere with daily tasks and safety, including personal hygiene considerations.

Consider these sensory clothing red flags:

  • Prefers a specific clothing material (e.g. only cotton or only lightweight fabrics)
  • Child is bothered by seams
  • Is bothered by tags
  • Dislikes sleeves hitting wrists
  • Dislikes hems of pants hitting ankles
  • Wears only shorts even in very cold weather
  • Wears only pants even in very hot weather
  • Prefers clothing without buttons/snaps/zippers/ties
  • Sensitive to collars hitting neck
  • Unable to tolerate shoes
  • Prefers only certain socks or shoes
  • Dislikes when socks slide down in shoes
  • Prefers feet to be totally uncovered or totally covered
  • Unable to tolerate a belt or tight waistband
  • Dislikes underwear or prefers only a certain type of underwear
  • Bothered by seams in underwear
  • Bothered by length of underwear
  • Prefers tight clothing
  • Unable to tolerate jeans
  • Hates coats
  • Prefers heavy layers of clothing
  • Complains of “itching skin” with certain materials or types of clothing
  • Complains of clothing tickling the skin
  • Has meltdowns when it’s time to get dressed in the morning
Need more information on all things sensory?  Grab this free sensory processing disorder information booklet. Its’ perfect for those new to sensory processing or for passing on to parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers of children with sensory struggles. 

What clothing sensitivities have you seen?  This list could go on and on. As we all know…kids like to keep us on our toes! 

Want this list as a printable version? Grab it here.

Kids may experience preferences or a clothing sensitivity when they have sensory processing disorder or sensory issues.
These red flags are related to clothing sensitivities that may be an indication of sensory challenges in kids.

For the individual with clothing sensitivities, using preferred textures and cut of clothing is a means to support the individual’s preferences. Check out our resource on sensory clothing for specific ideas.

One other thing to consider is the impact a tool like a weighted vest or compression garment can have on meeting sensory needs. It’s something to consider.

Clothing Sensory Issues

Depending on preferences, there can be various textures that one tries to avoid. Certain textures can feel uncomfortable, itchy, scratchy, or even painful. These are the most common sensory textures:

  • Rough or scratchy textures, such as coarse fabrics or rough surfaces
  • Fuzzy or hairy textures on sweaters
  • Textures that hold in body heat: flannel materials, thermal materials, or polyester
  • Textures that are tight or constricting
  • Shirts with tight necks or turtlenecks
  • Clothing with course seams
  • Clothing with scratchy or long tags

Sensory Issues with Clothes List

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Clothing Sensitivity List

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