Creative Cursive Practice Ideas

Getting creative with cursive practice can help with carryover and legibility of cursive writing.  Practicing on cursive worksheets week after week can get real boring, real fast! Below you will find creative ways to practice cursive writing with a tactile sensory piece. 
This list of cursive writing ideas is part of our 31 day series on cursive handwriting where you can find strategies, tools, tips, and ideas to teach cursive writing. 
Try these creative cursive practice ideas to practice writing letters in cursive handwriting.

Cursive Practice Ideas

Try the creative ways to work on cursive writing and teaching cursive letter formation listed below. each cursive activity is a tool to practice writing letters using kinesthetic learning or by using sensory writing methods

Cursive Practice with Tracing

Trace over lines with transparency sheets to learn proper formation then remove the transparency sheets and practice writing letters independently.  Compare the differences between using transparency sheets and not using transparency sheets. 

Trace over letters using colored glue to practice cursive letters. Let the glue dry and then trace the letters with the finger. 

Cursive Practice with Sensory

Allow students to practice forming letters in finger paint. 

Place finger paint into a plastic Ziploc bag. Tape the top shut. Students can trace letters using their finger. 

Try using color changing markers to trace trace over cursive letters using rainbow writing. 

Practice cursive letters with wet chalk on pavement or on a chalkboard. 

Allow students to form letters using clay or play dough. Use foaming clay with baking soda clay and squirting or dropping on vinegar. 

Practice letters on another student’s back using a finger. Students can try to guess the letter that another student wrote on their back.

Spray shaving cream onto desk surfaces. Students can form letters and shaving cream right on their desk. Swoosh the shaving cream aside to a race and start over again.

Cursive Practice Games

Try using disappearing ink. Use for cursive writing games like Hangman, Madlibs, or tic tac toe.

Try the Letter Listen Game: teachers can describe how the letter is formed and students have to write it on the paper. Then when the letter is completed they can raise their hands and say the letter that they wrote. 

Cursive Practice Ideas to add to your Toolbox

What are your favorite creative ways to practice handwriting? All of the strategies that work for printed handwriting can be used to practice cursive letters. There are a ton of ideas listed under the handwriting tab at the top of this site. Here are some of our favorites:

 Sky Ground handwriting method DIY desk letter strip
 Letter construction for letter formation


Try these creative ways to practice cursive writing to help kids learn to write cursive letters and write legibly.
creative cursive handwriting activities