Sight Word Crayon Rubbing Activity

This sight word activity has been so much fun.  I got the idea when Big Sister came home from school with some sight word crayon rubbings.  She made them during centers in her Kindergarten class.  I had the idea that we could make our own version at home for added practice (and fun!). 
We have a ton of fun sight word activities here on the blog.  This one has been sitting out on our train table for a few days now and has been getting quite the work out with lots of sight word crayon rubbings happening!
Make your own textured letters for sight word practice.


Sight word activity for Kindergarteners

I started with a list of Big Sister’s sight words and wrote them out with a hot glue gun on rectangles of cardstock.  These dried and I pulled off the bits of dried hot glue strings. 

These sight word cards were ready by the time Big Sister came home from school.  I had them sitting out with some paper and crayons and she got busy rubbing the words.  This is a great sensorial way to learn and practice those words!  Feeling the letters on the cards adds a fun way to learn through touch. 


She practiced a little handwriting too by writing the words.  It was great to overhear her read the words to her little sister as she did the crayon rubbings and wrote the words out.

Sight word activity for kids with crayon rubbing activity.

We have tons of pages of these sight words now.  This sight word practice is a huge hit in our house!

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  1. What a fantastic idea! What do you recommend for durability? I teach Kindergarten so there would be many kids using them every day. Do you think that if I laminated the card stock rectangles beforehand they'd last longer or will the plastic layer keep the glue from sticking?

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