Christmas Stampers **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Day 9 of 25 Days of Christmas Play
These Christmas Stampers were a big hit with Big Sister.  And seriously so easy to put together.  We did this little project while the potatoes for our dinner were boiling!  We are big fans of EASY art.  Simple is better in our house.  And these Christmas stampers were definitely easy!  They would be the perfect kid-made Christmas card (and simple to knock out enough cards for the whole extended family in one crafty afternoon.  Wouldn’t Grandma love to receive her gift wrapped in paper with these Christmas stampers?  A sheet of dollar store wrapping paper with these stamped on the back side would make a great wrap for anyone!  A page of these Christmas stampers would even make a great gift as a piece of art for someone special!

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Christmas Stamp Art for kid-made wrapping paper, cards, and gifts

Christmas Stampers

 I had a pack of foam stickers from the dollar store, or you could find them here.  We always have a box of bottle caps saved up for crafting activities.  If you’re not saving your lids, start now.  There are so many fun activities and crafts that you can do with them!

Christmas Stamp Art for kid-made wrapping paper, cards, and gifts
Splat a little paint on some plastic wrap…
And Stamp away!!

 We will cut these up and use them as gift tags…and Big Sister had a ton of fun while she waited for dinner!

There are a lot more fun Christmas Play ideas to explore in the 25 Days of Christmas Play tab at the top of our site.
I hope you are having as much fun with your kids this Christmas season as we are!

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  1. Can't believe little guy doesn't like mashed potatoes considering how much his dad loved them as a kid! We are all set to do this activity; we've been saving our caps for lots of projects. I love the idea to use the artwork as name tags.

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