Peppermint Play Dough **25 Days of Christmas Play**

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Day 10 of 25 Days of Christmas Play

Peppermint Play Dough 

This was super easy to make, considering we used the Scented Snowman Play Dough that we already had in the house…I do have to say though, that since somebody (cough, Little Guy, cough) put the bag of Dough into the freezer…it was a liiiitle dry after thawing out.  Not too badly, though…nothing a tablespoon of vegetable oil didn’t fix!


I split the dough into halves and made a little well with my finger in one of the halves.  After putting some red food dye in, and mixing up a bit, it started to look pretty neat!
A tip: Use a plastic shopping bag to mix the food coloring in.  Unless you want reeeeally red hands!


Getting there:
Getting closer: 


 This is how I had it set up for the kids this morning.  They were so excited to play with the Peppermint Dough!  Oh, and also, mixing the dough around so much makes the scent pretty much non-existent.  The scent just gets mixed in the more it is used.  I do think it would be pretty cool to add some peppermint extract to this for an added sensory experience!
It has been so much fun coming up with fun play ideas and sharing them with our readers.  We are truly having a blast with this!  Thank you, readers, for all of your kind words and encouragement with this blog that has so far, been really fun and rewarding to do.  We love knowing that our ideas have inspired you!



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