Easy Fruit Salad After School Snack

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“Can we have a snack?”

It’s the first thing my kids say as soon as they walk in the door.  Every day, every Monday through Friday.  The backpacks hit the floor and the shoes are kicked into the corner,  
And the bellies are hungry.

It’s a daily occurrence to hear those words.  But first, my kids jump off of the bus steps and we take a slow stroll down our hill.  It’s one of my favorite times of day.  The other kids on the street run off down the hill and run into their houses.  But we take it slow.

We talk about the school day.  We chat about what happened at lunch time.  One of the four kids fall.  

(Almost always, someone falls.  The hill from the bus stop to our house is a challenge in gravity. And the hill is winning year-long challenge!)

As we walk, we talk about what happened at recess and a funny joke that someone told when the teacher was talking to someone at the classroom door.  We talk about the day and everything that happened.  It is a calm before the storm of walking into our house.

And as soon as we get home, it’s all about the snack.  When my one year old started asking for a snack with her cute little runny nose and wild hair, I realized how it’s become a daily occurrence. These kiddos have had a long day and are HUNGRY.

Usually, I grab a couple of pieces of fruit and some crackers to fill those hungry bellies.  I throw it all on a plate and it’s on to homework and running around in the yard.

But sometimes, I like to step it up just a notch.

Fruit salad in an ice cream cone snack for kids

I have a secret for you.  Kids LOVE ice cream cones.  When you fill it with something completely non-ice cream, they go bonkers.  When you fill it with fruit and Cool Whip, they forget all about falling down on the walk from the school bus and the homework that is to follow snack time!

We made this easy fruit salad and filled an ice cream cone for an after school snack that was a complete hit.

Easy Fruit Salad After School Snack

This fruit salad is very quick to throw together.  You’ll need just a few ingredients:
2 Cups Cool Whip
2 Bananas, sliced
5-6 Large Strawberries, chopped
Ice Cream Cones

To make the fruit salad, combine the Cool Whip and fruit.  We used strawberries and bananas, but you can add any fruit combinations.  Berries would make a nice addition to this snack and the red, white, and blue of blueberries/strawberries/Cool Whip would be perfect for 4th of July parties with kids.

Fruit salad in an ice cream cone snack for kids

Fruit salad in an ice cream cone snack for kids

Fruit salad in an ice cream cone snack for kids

Fruit salad in an ice cream cone snack for kids

Once the fruit salad is done, simply scoop it into ice cream cones.  Place the cones in a mini muffin pan to make this job easier.  Pop the whole tray into the freezer for a cool treat.  After about 20 minutes, the fruit salad cones will be hardened and ready for hungry kids!

Fruit salad in an ice cream cone snack for kids

After our daily after school snack, we move on to homework.  Our sweet chats about the day are over and it’s on to the rush of getting homework done and dinner on the table.  But the kids will remember this snack for a long time to come!

Fruit salad in an ice cream cone snack for kids

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Tell me, what after school snacks do you like to make for your kids?

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