Fine Motor Sun Catchers

The dyed pumpkin seeds have returned in this easy, last minute, thrown-together craft!  A fine motor play activity turned into a cute sun catcher craft.  We played with sequins and contact paper before nap time one day recently, and it’s a great Halloween occupational therapy activity.  With a little child-led art, the sequins-on-contact paper turned into a pumpkin seed/sequins sun catcher!
Fine Motor Sun Catchers

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Supplies needed for this sequin fine motor activity and sun catcher craft include Sequins, Clear Contact Paper, pumpkin seeds, and Food Colors

Fine Motor Sun Catchers

Sequin Fine Motor Activity

We started out with this little fine motor play activity for the littlest kids in the house before their nap time one afternoon.  I put out squares of clear contact paper and a scatter of sequins and let them go to it!  I showed them how to pick up the sequins and stick them onto the contact paper. 
Baby Girl and Little Niece and Nephew are two years old and I wasn’t sure how this would go over with them.  They both really liked sticking those little sequins on the sticky paper!  (There was a lot of tongues sticking out too…you know when kids stick their tongues out when they cut with scissors or reeeeallly concentrate on something?  LOVE that cuteness!)
Fine Motor Sun Catchers

Pumpkin Seed and Sequin Sun Catcher

Then Little Nephew pulled out some of the Dyed Pumpkin Seeds that we have been playing with a lot lately.  He started sticking them onto the contact paper and making a pretty little art collage! 

These little buggers are so easy to make…just a few drops of food dye into a baggie of dry seeds and you’ve got an instant sorting, pattern making, art medium for play and learning!

Fine Motor Sun Catchers

One funny thing, when the dyed pumpkin seeds were stuck to the contact paper and then moved, the dye peeled off a little.  We stuck another square of contact paper on top of our sun catchers and hung the art to our dining room window.  Cute, easy sun catcher fun! 

Note:  Be sure to monitor closely children when laying with small items such as sequins and pumpkin seeds with young children.  All children are different and an activity like this one may not be appropriate for some.  Always use caution when doing one of the activities found on our website and social media communities.  Have fun!

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