Gratitude Leaf Garland

We make a Thankful Tree every year where the kids tell me the things they are thankful for and I write out the leaves.  We have our Thankful Tree up on the dining room table all November up until Thanksgiving.  Check out last year’s Thanksgiving Tree.  This year we went a different route with our thankful leaves and made a Gratitude Garland.  We still had the fall colored leaves and the kids told me all of the things they are thankful for.  We strung our garland along the wall in the dining room so we can see the leaves while we’re eating dinner.   We save our leaves from each year in envelopes so that we can read through them together and remember the things we were thankful for each year.  This is one of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions!

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Gratitude Leaf Garland for Thanksgiving by Sugar Aunts

Garland Leaf Garland

I cut out a bunch of leaves in nice fall colors and set out the pen so we were ready to go once Big Sister got home from school one day.  The kids started telling me all of the things they are thankful for.  My favorites: noodles, God, Jesus, hot dogs, and especially the handwritten-by-Big Sister “thankful mom” and “thankful dad” leaves!

Gratitude Leaf Garland for Thanksgiving by Sugar Aunts
This is the easiest family craft to make.  All you need is Construction Paper, Markers, and Yarn.  A few leaves cut from the paper and you are all set.  This would be a great scissor skill activity for the kids too if they would cut out the leaves. 
Big Sister wrote out a few of her leaves this year.  Love that new writer handwriting!
Gratitude Leaf Garland for Thanksgiving by Sugar Aunts

 I LOVE pulling out the envelopes of leaves from each year and reading through them with the kids!  We keep them in our fall decorations bins in storage, so once it’s time to decorate for fall, we have them handy each year.

These leaves will be something that I save forever!

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions to share gratitude?  Do you make a thanksgiving tree or garland?