Fine Motor Tripod Grasp Activity for Kids

We have many tripod grasp activities here on the website, and this one is a fun way to build skills with items you have in your home: loop cereal and tooth picks. Also be sure to check out our resource on an easy way to work on tripod grasp. Check out the idea below!

Tripod Grasp Activity

For this tripod grasp activity, you’ll need just a couple of items:

  1. Loop cereal (We used fruit loops. Try these other fruit loop crafts, too!)
  2. Toothpicks
  3. Styrofoam or a cardboard box.
This was an activity we did way back in December (seems like it was much longer than a month ago!) but we’re just now getting around to blogging about.  So, let’s just ignore the red and green colors…Ha!


This Fine Motor play activity was a big hit with the Toddlers. 
My little Niece and Nephew, in particular, were infatuated with this activity!  They played for the longest time…stacking cereal rings, taking them off, re-stacking…eating a few…and moving them around again!
Note:  As with any activity that you see on on this site, please use your judgment when it comes to your child’s safety and participation.  All children are different, but all activities should be closely supervised for your child’s safety.

Fine Motor Tripod Grasp Activity
We started with a strip of Styrofoam and a handful of toothpicks.  I stuck the toothpicks into the Styrofoam in a line and put out two bowls of cereal rings.  The red cereals were in one bowl and the green cereals were in another bowl.
This was a great opportunity for the two year-olds to work on a little color identification.  Little Nephew is really good at his colors.  Baby Girl needs a little more help.  Or a lot of help!  (Unless it’s “purple”. She KNOWS purple! 🙂 )
Picking up the cereal rings and stacking them onto the toothpicks was a great way to work on tripod grasp.  They had to manipulate the cereal rings and stack them one at a time.  We did a few patterns with the help of Little Guy (age 4).
Next time you’re in a house full of grumps/enjoying a PJ day/looking for an easy fine motor activity for the kids…Pull out the cereal and some tooth picks and get ready to have some fun!
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