DIY Lacing Cards (from a carry out container!!)

We had a clean take out container that was just asking to be made into something 🙂

Lacing Cards, of course!

Lacing cards are so important for pre-schoolers and kids of all ages to use in development of so many skills:
 Fine Motor Skills (tripod grasp), Motor Planning (figuring out how to pull the string allll the way through and push it through the other side), Visual Motor Skills (moving along hole to hole), Bilateral Coordination (using both of those hands together in a coordinated manner to hold the card and work the string)…
I asked them what shapes they wanted.  Big Sister chose a heart and Little Guy said his favorite shapes are an octagon or a pentagon (!).
They got started and loved it!
Little Guy needs a little work on the hole-to-hole thing haha!!
He was so into it!
The finished products…
We are gearing up for our 5th Share It Saturday link up…Hope to see you there!

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