Flower Scissor Skills Craft

Spring is around the corner, and flower crafts are the sign that real flowers are about to pop up everywhere!  We made this flower craft using cupcake liners while practicing scissor skills one afternoon.  It’s an easy and quick craft that will brighten any room!

Make a spring flower craft and practice scissor skills with kids using cupcake liners.

Spring Flower Craft

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To make our flowers, we used a few materials:
these cupcake liners (I love the bright colors!)
and our favorite scissors (These are the best and the ones that I always recommended to my school-aged OT students.)

Scissor Practice Craft for Kids

Start by cutting the center circle from the cupcake liners.  Cutting a material like cupcake liners is more difficult than regular paper due to the thinner material and the texture of the liner.  Kids will have to concentrate on cutting the center “line” which is really a fold.  This is great line awareness work and a great way to work on visual motor skills

Have your child snip other cupcake liners in to the center of the circle, but stopping at the fold.  These liners will become the petals of the flowers and the sun’s rays.  Cutting and stopping at a point requires hand-eye coordination and dexterity in scissor use.  They have to be sure to open/shut the scissors effectively to stop at a certain point.

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Cupcake liner flower craft
Glue the petals onto paper and arrange the center circles on top of the outer cupcake liner.  Add the sun and green stems.  

Let us know if you make this craft. We would love to see your Spring art!

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