Free Meet the Teacher and Meet the Therapist Forms

Each year, one of the most exciting parts of back-to-school is meeting a new teacher or therapist. That’s why these free meet the teacher forms/ meet the therapist forms are the way to go when it comes to starting the school year off right. Many teachers have created meet the teacher forms to introduce themselves to their new class, and OTs/COTAs should have the same fun to start off a new year of OT services.

Free meet the teacher meet the therapist letters for back to school.

Free Meet the teacher templates

If you’ve worked in the school long, then you’ve probably seen a meet the teacher form or two. Meet the therapist forms are just as important! You can grab this set of editable forms and enter your information, then share them with your new caseload.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your email address into the form below.
  2. You’ll receive an email with a PDF containing a link to access this template of free meet the teacher/meet the therapist forms. (Save the PDF if you want to make a new letter next year!)
  3. When you click the link on the PDF, you’ll be sent to Canva. If you have a Canva account, you can open the files in Canva.
  4. If you don’t have a Canva account, you’ll be directed to create one (it’s free).
  5. When you open the link, you’ll see a template of 13 different Meet the Therapist Forms.
  6. Click on the text and change it to say what you like. Add a picture of yourself if you like.
  7. Download the page that you like and email it to your student’s parents, print it, or add it to your online classroom.

When you access this free template of meet the therapist or teacher letters, you’ll find 13 different templates. Each one is editable in Canva, so you can add your own information.

A Meet the Teacher letter or Meet the Therapist letter is a fun way to start of the school year. You can add fun facts, information about this upcoming school year, and even your working hours. A meet the therapist or meet the teacher letter is the perfect place to set limits on your working days or working times. Don’t set yourself up to answer phone calls or emails outside of your working hours, and you can let parents know that on your back-to-school letter.

Add in contact information like a phone number or email address.

Then, use this meet the therapist form on your school webpage, in an email to parents, or in an online classroom. Some forms are even printer friendly, so you can print off copies and send them home with students.

Have fun making your Meet the Therapist Letter and let’s have a great school year!

FREE Meet the Therapist Forms for Back-to-School

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    Meet the teacher Meet the Therapist letter

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