Green Snack and Craft for Kids

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Healthy Snacks for kids can be cute and easy.  This Green Snack and craft is a fun way to eat and the color green! We made green frozen grapes caterpillars for a cute food for kids and a green collage art craft.  Cooking with kids is a big hit in our house and these grape caterpillars were a fun recipe that we will be making again (and again, and again)!
Frozen grapes caterpillar healthy snack for kids.

Cooking with Kids : Frozen Grapes Caterpillars

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Frozen grapes caterpillar healthy snack for kids.

Little Sister helped with this cooking with kids snack.  I pulled out a few toothpicks and green grapes.  We threaded three grapes onto each toothpick. Little Sister really had fun with this activity…and what a great fine motor activity it is to thread grapes.

Frozen grapes caterpillar healthy snack for kids.

We popped the grapes into the freezer for a few hours until we were ready for a healthy snack.  I used
black gel icing to make quick eyes on the caterpillars and snack time was ready.

Frozen grapes caterpillar healthy snack for kids.

Frozen grapes caterpillar healthy snack for kids.

Frozen grapes healthy snack for kids.

To go along with our green snack, we made a Green Collage Art project.  Go on a color scavenger hunt around your house to gather green strings, ribbons, and scraps.  Happy playing and crafting with green!

Encourage healthy eating in your kids by eating through the colors of the rainbow.  Let us know if you make these caterpillars! We would love to see pictures and hear about it!

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