Handwriting Accommodation Ideas

Many times kids who struggle with handwriting just need some accommodations in order to complete written work in a legible and efficient manner. The strategies listed below are handwriting accommodations that can be used in a variety of classroom settings or in homeschool. The compilation of instructional ideas and accommodations below are able to be used by therapist and teachers with kids who struggle with handwriting. Handwriting accommodations can be used across throughout the school day or in individual situations. You may have seen a previous post here on The OT Toolbox on Handwriting Accommodations for the Classroom. As you know, sometimes a strategy will work for a child’s particular needs and other times that idea will work for a short time. Sometimes you need to keep trying. Below, you will find MORE handwriting accommodation ideas for kids. 

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Use these handwriting accommodation ideas to help kids with handwriting difficulties to write more legibly using alternate ideas that change how a student completes written work based on their needs.

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Handwriting Accommodation Ideas

1. Fill-in-the-blank worksheets can be used in place of written responses.
2. Use adapted handwriting paper such as stop go paper. Here are free adapted paper sources from around the internet.
3. Practice handwriting by using color changeable markers to address letter formation and motor planning needed for letters. 
4. Use manipulatives such as magnets to write answers to problems and written responses. 
5. Use a dry erase marker and whiteboard for written responses. 
6. Students can write using large graph paper with boxes for individual letters. 
7. Try using a sensory or writing tray for students to respond to multiple choice problems by forming letter responses in the sensory tray.
8. Use a sheet of sandpaper under written work for feedback in letter formation in line awareness. 
9. Use the computer for spelling tests and vocabulary tests. 
10. Stamp answers to spelling tests or multiple choice tests using letter stamps.
11. Provide adapted spelling test and vocabulary test using multiple choice problems where students can correct the can choose the correct answer by circling a letter. 
12. Use a highlighter for tests and worksheets where students can highlight the correct answer. 
13. Use a apps which can adapt worksheets into tablet form. Answers or responses can then be typed onto the tablet.
14. Explore several different pencil grips and pencil types to reduce the amount of pressure a student requires when writing. 
15. Add a red or green dot to margins to help students identify starting and stopping points for writing. 
16. Allow extra time for written responses.
17. use a handheld recorder to copy notes in older grades. 
18. Trial use of a gel pen.

What are some handwriting accommodations that you have seen in place to meet specific handwriting needs? Let us know in the Sweet Ideas for Handwriting Help Facebook group.

Here are some creative ways to work on handwriting needs.  Click on the link or the image to find out more:

 Writing too dark or too light.  Line awareness and spatial awareness without handwriting DIY slant board  Spatial awareness in handwriting

Handwriting accomodations for addressing handwriting needs


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