Pumpkin Activity Kit

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The Pumpkin Activity Kit has everything you need to build skills and collect data on functional skills, and make therapy sessions or home skill-building FUN.

Work on underlying fine motor and visual motor integration skills so you can help students excel in handwriting, learning, and motor skill development.

  • 7 digital products that can be used any time of year- has a “pumpkins” theme
  • 5 pumpkin scissor skills cutting strips
  • Pumpkin scissor skills shapes- use in sensory bins, math, sorting, pattern activities
  • 2 pumpkin visual perception mazes with writing activity
  • Pumpkin “I Spy” sheet – color in the outline shapes to build pencil control and fine motor strength
  • Pumpkin Lacing cards – print, color, and hole punch to build bilateral coordination skills
  • 2 Pumpkin theme handwriting pages – single and double rule bold lined paper for handwriting practice


Get 7 activities to work on fine motor skills, visual motor integration, scissor skills, visual perception, bilateral coordination, sensory play, and handwriting for just $6.00.

Included in this toolkit:

5 Pumpkin Scissor Skills Cutting Strips Pages- Cut the strips to work on scissor skill accuracy. Each page progresses in difficulty. Color in the pumpkin shapes for an exercise in pencil control and hand strength. Each scissor strip includes dot visual cues. Use a hole punch to punch the dots for a physical cue as students hold the paper along the dots. Additional benefits include: scissor accuracy, hand strength, bilateral coordination, pencil control, eye-hand coordination.

Pumpkin Shapes Cutting Page- Extend the scissor activities to cutting more complex shapes. Use these pumpkin shapes all month long in sensory bins, gross motor games, matching activities, visual memory boards (place all the shapes on a table and take one away for a “what’s missing” game!) drawing activities, and so much more. These pumpkin shapes can be used over and over again in many skill-building activities each week.

2 Visual Perception Mazes- Includes 2 different mazes to follow the lines to find the correct path. Each maze challenges visual perceptual skills including: Visual memory, Figure-ground, Spatial relations, and Visual scanning. Students can write in the pumpkin writing prompt on each page for handwriting work. Extend this activity by using playdough along the correct path. Or, highlight the lines, use wikki stix, or other material to trace and include sensory-motor work.

Pumpkin “I Spy” Page- This digital file is a printable PDF worksheet that challenges visual perceptual skills. Students can scan for the matching items and write numbers in boxes. Color in the shapes for a fine motor workout. This is a beloved activity that doubles as a warm-up or reward activity. Use it in social distancing holiday parties or a take-home fun activity. Laminate the pages for a reusable version that can be wiped down after each use.

Additional benefits: Visual discrimination, Visual memory, Figure-ground, Visual form constancy, Spatial relations, and Visual scanning, Handwriting.

Pumpkin Glue Spots Page- Kids can build hand strength, dexterity, and precision as they use a squeeze bottle of glue to place dots in the indicated spots. Using a glue bottle can be so hard for many kids, mainly because more practice is needed. This activity builds coordination, visual motor skills, endurance, and precision. The glue spots are sized differently to practice refined grasp and accuracy.

Pumpkin Lacing Cards- Print off this digital file and ask kids to cut out the shapes for a complex scissor skills cutting activity. Use a hole punch to punch holes on the indicated spaces. Kids can then lace along the cards for a bilateral coordination and fine motor activity. The shapes can be glued to cardstock and laminated to made more durable. Grade the activity easier or harder by offering different threads, ribbons, and lacing materials.

2 Pumpkin Theme Writing Pages- Print off these digital PDFs as many times as you like. There are two writing pages: single-rule and double-rule, each with a pumpkin border that can be colored for pencil control and line awareness. Use the writing pages to practice handwriting concepts or for writing prompts.