Relaxing Lavender Water Bin

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We have big plans for our Summer Play series this month!  You may have seen our post  Play The Summer Away: Water Bin Play by The Sugar Aunts post last week where we let everyone know we are joining Jaime over at Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails  in this fun water bin play series.  Each Monday in July we are planning a different themed water bin.  You will be able to see Jaime’s version and ours.  We are very excited to see the two different versions of a same theme and by the end of July, share 10 different water bins with you.

We started July off right with a Relaxing Lavender Water Bin.
This was very easy to throw together:
purple finger paint
purple glitter
 scraps of purple plastic table cloths
clear plastic cups for pouring and transferring…and scooping, and dumping…
dried lavender/cloves/rosemary
 and a few drops of lavender oil
The scent was the best touch for this! Completely relaxing and we all played in the water loving the smell of lavender and cloves!   We just used an under the bed storage bin and it was perfect for scooping and pouring the water.  Baby Girl loved dumping the water, scooping it up, and pouring the purple water into cups.
 We’ve used this storage bin before for water play and Baby Girl knows where the fun is…getting right in the water!
I love the glitter on Baby Girl’s little legs 🙂
And the driveway is only slightly glittery.
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**Just a note about any of the activities on this site.  Be careful with small children and small objects/colored water/any crafting materials.  Always be sure to monitor your child and modify any activity to ensure safety and fun.  All activities on this blog are intended for inspiration and sharing.  Please provide supervision when providing activities to children in your care. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Relaxing Lavender Water Bin”

  1. This came together great. I just love the beads. What a awesome idea. I must your baby girl in the water is my favorite though:-) look forward to next week!

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