Water Bin Play Ideas for Kids play series

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Here are fun water bin sensory play ideas for kids that can be used to address a variety of needs, with various themes. Kids will love these water bin play ideas! Adding sensory play into a water bin is an easy way to explore the senses, challenge tactile and sensory systems, and encourage development of skills such as fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, crossing midline, visual motor skills, coordination, confidence, and language. Kids love so many sensory activities when you simply add water. Scroll on to find some creative ways to encourage play and development of skills with simple water bins.

Water Play for Kids

The ideas here use any basic water table or can be set up with just a large tote bin, a small food casserole dish, storage bins, or any container that will hold water. The nice thing about these water play ideas is that you can create any theme or use any type of manipulative to the water to engage kids attention and interest.
Kids of all ages will love these water play ideas…even the big kids! When the weather is hot (Or not…bring these water bin ideas indoors for more fun and sensory play!) you can add any type of learning, cause and effect, and even STEM activities, using some water and some added materials.
This is a collaborative series of water play ideas along with Jaime who blogs over at Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.  Together we have created for you a series of Water Play ideas for kids!  Each day in the series, we created a themed water bin play activity.  You’ll can check out our water bin post and then swing over to see what Jaime’s take on the theme was!  Then, by the end of the series, you’ll have 10 versions of cool water bin play ideas to keep the kids chilled out from the water play and the FUN!
(and let’s face it…YOU will be having a little fun, too 😉 The nice thing is that now that the series is complete, you can check out all of the water play ideas at once. 
We’ve done a couple versions of water bin play in the past…

Water Bin Play…

Water play is so great for little kids to experience and enjoy.  The sensory aspect of getting their hands in the water and manipulating objects is great for brain development and sensory integration.  They are improving their fine motor skills, bilateral hand coordination, language development, problem solving, creative development, and even self-confidence!  The open-endedness of water play enables learning in endless varieties.  Consider adding math or letter concepts to a bin of water.  The child is enthralled by the sensory experience and learning happens!  Just think, all you have to do is add water and there is so much learning to experience!
We are so excited to start playing away the summer with our water bins.  We’re hoping you are inspired…we are inspired, too!
Stop by this page each Monday in July and see what we have been up to!
             Week 1: Relaxing Lavender Water Bin 
             Week 2: Island Luau Water Party Water Bin 
             Week 3: Swamp Water Bin 
             Week 4: Pool Noodles Water Bin 
             Week 5: Color Match Water Bin

And here are links to the fun water bins over at Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails:
             Week 1: Lavender/Purple Water Bin by FSPDT
             Week 2: Beach Luau Water Bin by FSPDT
             Week 3: Swamp Water Bin by FSPDT
             Week 4: Pool Noodle Water Bin by FSPDT
             Week 5: Color Match Water Bin by FSPDT

And a few more water bins you may enjoy:

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