Sight Word Ping Pong Bounce Game

We’ve been doing a bunch of sight word games and activities recently as we practice Big Sister’s words for school.  It’s fun to come up with creative ways to practice sight words and decodable words.  Manipulating Sight Words without flash cards really helps when it comes to encouraging new readers to go over (and over and over) novel words.  Adding a different component (even taking the words outside for a Sight Word Scavenger Hunt) can make the learning easier. 

We made this sight words ping pong ball bounce game one afternoon when we were practicing sight words and had a little fun bouncing our words around as we practiced.  This isn’t the first time we’ve used ping pong balls in our sight word practice…Sight Word Scooping and Matching was a lot of fun and part of the inspiration to get a little active with our sight words.

Sight Word Ping Pong Ball Bounce Game

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We started with a handful of paper roll rings we’ve been using for all kinds of crafts and activities.  The paper roll rings came in handy for this activity.
We used some of our pin pong balls and I wrote words onto them with a permanent marker.

The ping pong balls were the perfect size to fit in the paper roll rings.  We played for a while with this, just putting the ping pong balls into the rings, moving them around, and reading the words.

The bouncing part was hard to photograph, but we would bounce the ping pong balls toward the tray and try to get them into the rings.  Little Guy really liked this part and he got pretty good at bouncing the balls into the rings.

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