Super Fun Fine Motor Sight Word Game

Today, I’d love to share a sight word reading and writing activity with you. Young readers and writers need lots and lots of practice reading and writing sight words. This quick and easy activity fits the bill. Add a fine motor component to boost the skills that kids need for pencil grasp and other skills, including the bilateral coordination component, visual motor skill work, and fine motor strengthening!

Sight Word Game

Use this sight word game to work on learning sight words and teaching sight words with hands on practice and fine motor work.

Sight Word Activity: Roll, Pop and Pull


Here is what you will need:

  • muffin tin

  • 6 toilet paper rolls

  • scissors

  • assorted colors of tissue paper

  • 12 rubber bands

  • black marker

  • 12 small strips of paper

  • writing paper and a pencil/pen

  • die

  • tweezers


1. Cut each of the toilet paper rolls into two pieces so that you have a total of twelve pieces.

Kids will love this fine motor activity that can teach sight words in this pop, roll, pull sight word game for kids.

2. Cover the top of each toilet paper roll with tissue paper and secure with a rubber band. On top of each structure write a number. Use each number (1-6) two times.
3. On the 12 strips of paper, write sight words that your child needs to practice reading and writing. Stuff each roll with a sight word strip of paper and place them all in the muffin tin.
4. Gather your die, tweezers, writing paper and writing utensil.

Play and learn sight words with a sight word game!

Work on fine motor skills and learning sight words with this fun sight word game that can be used to practice sight words or learn new sight words.

To play, the child rolls the die. Then with their finger or the tweezers they pop the circle with the corresponding number. Remove the sight word with the tweezers. This makes for great fine motor skill practice!

This fun sight word game improves fine motor skills and other skills needed for writing and handwriting like eye hand coordination and visual motor skills as well as works as a tool for teaching sight words with a fun sight word game!

The child should read the word and then write the word the number of times that corresponds to their roll. Play continues until all circles have been popped.

There you have a fun and easy sight word game to practice reading and writing skills!

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What other hands-on ideas do you have for practicing sight words?

Jodie Rodriguez is a mom of two little boys (2 and 3), a National Board Certified educator and creator of the Growing Book by Book blog. Jodie has a passion for early literacy and all things related to reading. Connect with Jodie on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google +.


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