Therapy Planner for the Upcoming School Year

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Below, you will find a free printable calendar that is an awesome resource to add to your therapy planner. Use the planning calendar to dream up and create an action plan for occupational therapy themes during the upcoming school year. This therapy planner is perfect for school-based OTs, but it can certainly be used in clinics or in homes, too!

Use this therapy planner to plan out occupational therapy sessions. It's an editable calendar that can be used over and over again.

Free Therapy Planner

During the summer months, many therapists start thinking ahead to planning therapy activities for the next school year. I know, I know. Summer just started. Some of us still have a car trunk full of hanging files, worksheets, a therapy ball, and pencil cases full of pencil grips. Is it really time to start thinking about planning for back to school?

We are right on the brink of a new school year and you’ll soon be gearing up for another year in the clinic or classroom!

Therapy Planning Calendar

For the new school year, I have included a fun bonus to this post that you will find below. It is an editable Theme Therapy Calendar for the upcoming school year.  Sometimes weekly themes can help you stay motivated AND make your life easier as a therapist while helping to keep children engaged in therapy activities from week to week.

Enter your email address below to get the free printable therapy planning calendar. Use it as a guide to schedule and plan themed occupational therapy activities throughout the school year. You’ll also get a blank therapy planning calendar so you can fill in special themes that may go along with your school’s calendar or planned activities.

Have fun planning out activities for this year’s therapy sessions!

Therapy planner that occupational therapists will love
Therapy planner for planning occupational therapy sessions