Weekly Themes for Occupational Therapy

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Looking for activity themes to make your OT planning easier? These weekly lesson plans are great for occupational therapy activities because they are open-ended and can be used as a planning theme while meeting the needs of a whole caseload of students or OT clients. While curriculum planning in occupational therapy isn’t typically a “thing”, coming up with creative activities certainly is! My hope is to provide weekly themes for creating a set of activities that you can adjust to meet your needs, in the classroom, clinic, or home.

Weekly themes for planning occupational therapy activities with kids.

Weekly Themes

Even if you aren’t seeking out specifically occupational therapy activities, these fun themes for children serve to offer strategies to build fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory challenges, brain breaks, interactive and hands-on learning activities, and so much more. Some of these themes have slide decks for distance learning/virtual therapy sessions. Others have book lists and activities related to the books. Still others have crafts and fun ways to build various skills all focused on one weekly theme.

So, be sure to save this page…Pin it to Pinterest…email a link to yourself. This weekly theme page will be updated weekly as we go through this school year with A thematic curriculum that integrates basic skill development areas addressed in occupational therapy and the classroom or home through the exploration of a broad subject or topic, such as apples, community helpers, transportation, rain forests, STEM, etc.

Thematic Instruction in OT

Thematic instruction can be a powerful tool that is meaningful, motivating, and FUN for kids. Plus, while it can require a little prep on the side of the occupational therapist, parent, or teacher, it sort of flows throughout the week. Students can come back to activities that they enjoyed while working on specific or related skills. But, for the therapist working with a large caseload, thematic instruction can be much easier to plan and adapt to meet each client or student’s levels and goals. My mission is to make this planning simple for you and get you all of the ideas into one place, including materials you will need!

Weekly Themes for Therapy

Here it is! Let’s get those weekly themes into your hands:

September Themes

Use these apple activities for an apple weekly theme in therapy or learning.

Apple Theme- Use apple theme activities with fine motor, gross motor activities, apple brain breaks, and more.

These back to school activities can be used in weekly theme planning for occupational therapy activities.

Back-to-School Theme- These back-to-school activities include crafts, writing activities, fine motor fun, gross motor activities, and back-to-school slide decks.

Stay tuned for more themed activities coming each week!

Be sure to check out these skill-based activities:

Teletherapy Activities

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Fine Motor Activities

Executive Function Activities

Sensory Activities

Motor Skills Activities

Weekly theme activities for occupational therapy with kids.