Toys and Games that Build math Skills

After a long day of school, kids just do not want to practice more math facts.  Their brains are exhausted from being “on” all day, and they need to relax with movement and fun.  But sometimes, kids need extra help with practicing math concepts.  So, how can you work on important skills when the kids are just over memorizing math facts and flashcards?

You play!  These are the best toys and games that build math skills and are not only fun, they are going to work on math concepts.  These math activities are playful and fun and will help with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, sequencing, patterns, money, and time.  We’ve got math games to fit all ages and stages.  These are the toys I’m looking at this year and have more than a few on my shopping list!

These games and toys will sneak in the math and kids won’t even realize they are learning!

Toys and games for kids to build math skills: Patterns, shapes, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time telling, and money.



Toys and Games that Build Kids’ Math Skills

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Money Games and Toys
These math activities work on many skills.  When a child counts money, they work on addition and subtraction facts, mental math, and real-life practice.  These games and toys are perfect or kids who are interested in money.
Clumsy Thief math game
is a fast paced money counting game. It’s a Best Toy award winner and on our list this Christmas!
Pattern Games and Toys 
Teddy Bear Counting
is a fun patterning and counting book. It’s hands on learning in a bright and colorful book. 

Use Baby Bear Counters
with the book. Although, my kids are fond of using Teddy Graham Crackers
with this book, too!

Sequencing Games and Toys
The Occupational Therapist in me loves this Melissa & Doug Bead Sequencing Set
for it’s fine motor and extended wrist components! Kids can work on first, second, third sequencing terms while threading beads and also patterns with this wooden toy.

Counting and Number Toys and Games 
One of my favorite math (and fine motor) recommendations is Avalanche Fruit Stand Game. Kids can count and match fruit while using tweezers on an inclined surface. It’s an Occupational Therapist’s dream tool. 

Learning Resources One To Ten Counting Cans
is perfect for preschoolers who are learning one-to-one correspondence, number identification, and counting skills. 

Every child loves cookies. This Counting Cookies
game builds basic math counting skills with cookies and a cookie jar. 

Mini Muffin Match Up
is another fine motor math game that encourages sorting, counting, and matching. 

Shape Identification Toys and Games 
This Shape Sorting Cupcakes
is another preschool game that will work on beginning math skills. Kids can practice shape identification while practicing fine motor skills.

Addition and Subtraction Games and Toys
ThinkFun Math Dice Jr.
helps kids with mental math and subtizing. Dice games are a favorite in our house and there is a reason why: Kids love to throw dice! But what they don’t know is that when they are counting and adding the numbers on the die, they are practicing basic math skills.

Tiggly Counts
is an interactive math game that is played with iPads and tablets. This game is very cool and makes math on a screen become hands-on.

Monopoly Junior
is great for kids aged 5-8. We just recently started playing Monopoly to work on addition and subtraction and it’s a hit!

Multiplication and Division Games and Toys
uses colorful tiles and requires players to figure out multiples of the number on the die.

Say Cheese
teaches multiplication skills in a mouse and cheese race game.

Time Telling Games and Toys
Teaching kids to tell time requires hands-on learning. This Telly the Teaching Time Clock is a great beginner time telling tool and is perfect for a bedside clock for kids! (This is totally another gift I’m getting my kids this year!) 

We’ve got this Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Clock
and love it for the shape puzzle and for teaching time telling concepts.

Fractions Games and Toys
Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun
introduces kids to fractions and has multiple ways to play for more fraction challenges including adding and subtracting fractions. 

Work on more fraction skills with Fractions Bingo Game.

Did you find some new gift ideas?  What is on your shopping list this year?