Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

We love to create fun snacks and foods for the kids.  It’s so much fun to make healthy foods look fun for holidays.  Valentine’s Day is coming up this week and we’ve got some non-candy snacks to share.  Get ready to create in the kitchen, because the kids are going to gobble up these Valentine’s Day snacks!   





Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids 

Kids gobble up this Valentine's Day granola parfait snack!



This granola recipe is AWESOME!  We’ll be sharing soon, so stop back and see how we made this super-food granola.  Can’t. stop. eating it.  And the kids are loving it too.  I made this pretty little parfait for the kids and I to share one day.  It’s got our super-food granola, vanilla Greek yogurt, and sliced strawberries.  This is the perfect Valentine’s Day healthy dessert, breakfast, or yummy snack to hold off the sweet intake on this candy-driven holiday!  Put it in a wine glass, and it’s just right for your romantic dinner dessert.
Granola is the best healthy snack for kids.



Seriously. SO good!
My kids love grape tomatoes! The perfect healthy Valentine's Day snack!



My kids looooove grape tomatoes.  We could (and have) gone through a whole pack of them in a day.  A quick slice with a knife and you’ve got hearts.  The kids cheered when they say these.  And then gobbled them all up!
A cheese and pepperoni plate for Valentine's Day.
 Kids love cheese, pepperoni, and crackers at snack time.  These hearts were made with a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Hint: stack a few slices of cheese or pepperoni and then cut your hearts.  Quicker is better when the little ones are running around and starving 😉


Heart shaped cheese and pepperoni make the perfect non-candy Valentine's day treat for kids.
We hope these snack ideas will give you a few fun ideas for this Valentine’s Day.  Make it simple, meaningful, and fun. 

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