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Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

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Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

We started practicing sight words.  One day we took them outside for a little movement and learning. 

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

I wrote our sight words on the sidewalk and had the kids match them up with our cards.  They jumped on the word as I called it out and then could put the card on top.  This was a good warm-up for our Scavenger Hunt.

Big Sister went off and closed her eyes so she couldn't see (with a little peeking...) and I hid the cards in different places in our yard. 
Sight Word Scavenger Hunt
When all of the cards were hidden, I had her come back to the sidewalk and I would say one of the words.  She ran off and tried to find the word.

We had sight words hidden all over!  The kids had so much fun with this.  Even Little Guy, who hasn't been practicing the sight words, got in to the action.  He loved helping Big Sister hide the words for me to find too.

When it was my turn to find the words, Big Sister would read one of the words on the sidewalk and I had to go find it.  I would ask her, "is this pan...?"  So she could read the word on the card, too.

After the Sidewalk Sight Words and Scavenger Hunt, we put the cards in the water bin with some bird seed for fun sensory play. 

We've been doing a bunch of different activities with our sight words.  Watch this space for more learning ideas :)
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