Creative Sight Word Activities for New Readers

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We’ve been doing a bunch of fun sight words in the past few months.  This is a collection of all of our sight word activities, perfect for beginner readers and Kindergarteners.  Learning and practicing sight words can be fun, creative, and NOT include just repetition with flash cards.  A little creativity and lot of fun are happening on this page.  Get ready to learn through play.  And have fun!
Lots of activities to practice Kindergarten sight words

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Creative Ways to Practice Kindergarten Sight Words


Use fun materials like ping pong balls like we did in  our Sight Words Ping Pong Bounce Game.  (That was an activity that Little Guy LOVED…and he’s not even learning sight words yet!  Use those ping pong balls again for Sight Word Scooping and incorporate fine motor skills into sentence building. 

Something that you find in the junk drawer can be a learning tool.  String!  We used string to review sight words in Creative Sight Word Practice with String


The senses are an essential part of daily life.  Incorporate the senses into learning with a few fun ideas; Try a Sight Word Sensory Bin.  Another fun idea is using a sensory bottle to engage new readers.  I Spy Sight Word Sensory Bottle is a great way to calmly practice new words.  You can also go with the mess-free version of sensory input with No-Mess Sensory Sight Word Spelling.

Work on fine motor skills while practicing beginner sight words with a letter match.  This one went along with the book Bears on Wheels
by Stan Berenstain.  S
ight Word Manipulatives  used the same sight word cards in a hands-on learning activity.

We got moving with our Sight Word Scavenger Hunt.  More movement based learning happened when we incorporated the easel in Sight Word Sticky Easel.

A few more creative ways to learn:  Does your Kindergartener love all things art?  Try some stamping with Sight Word Bottle Cap Stampers

We hope you’ve found some fun ways to learn and play with sight words with this list.  Stop back often, because we’re adding new activities all the time.  We’ll be sure to update this page with all of our latest sight word activities.

Need more sight word fun?  Stop by and follow along on our Sight Word and Beginning Reading Pinterest board for lots of fun ideas.  We can’t wait to try some of these ways to learn through play!


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