Amazon Deals for Occupational Therapy

In the ever-evolving world of pediatric occupational therapy, finding the right tools and toys to support sensory motor development in children is a question that comes up often. Parents often ask OT providers for their therapy toy recommendations to support their child’s developmental needs. And the fact is that OTs and OTAs often build their own supply of therapy tools and toys using their own funds…so finding the very best deals out there is essential.

Amazon Prime deals for occupational therapy

That’s where this Amazon deals for occupational therapy tools comes into play!

You may even want to consider some of these Amazon deals for OT providers as an occupational therapy gift…to make the therapy provider’s day a bit easier and more fun!

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Amazon Deals for Occupational Therapy

If you’re an occupational therapy provider dedicated to enhancing a child’s motor skills…

or a parent seeking the perfect playtime solutions for your little one’s developmental journey…

or a teacher looking for the best Prime Day deals to fill your classroom with the best developmental toys and tools…

Because we get questions all the time about what’s the best developmental toys for the kids we serve, we decided to put together a blog post with the best deals out there for sensory, motor, and developmental toys!

From fine motor finger dexterity to gross motor coordination, our picks of the Prime Days deals on toys and items used in occupational therapy will hopefully help you with savings on toys that not only captivate young hearts but also facilitate their growth.

Let’s get to the deals!

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Amazon Prime Day Deals for Occupational Therapy

We do have The OT Toolbox Amazon storefront (commissions earned) listings over on Amazon, and this is probably the best place to find toys and items for specific underlying skill areas. You’ll find toys for gross motor, handwriting, visual motor skills, sensory diets, and more.

And, for printable lists of toys (because parents are constantly asking for toy recommendations around the holidays and for birthdays), we have our free printable lists of toys recommended by occupational therapy providers.

While those are great resources for therapy providers and anyone working with kids, this blog post will highlight some of the deals happening right now…

Occupational Therapy Deals on Amazon

We love these deals on toys that support development:

Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese Pizza– 20% off (Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • The game Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza is so much fun and a real challenge for building attention, focus, and hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Work on visual motor skills and fine motor skills to hold and sort cards.
  • Modify the game to grade it easier or harder.

Gravity Maze– 20% off (Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • Gravity Maze is an awesome tool for supporting and developing skills in visual memory, visual tracking, visual scanning, fine motor skills, and executive functioning skills.
  • Use the easy cards to grade the game easier or use the challenging cards to make it more difficult.

Sequence Game– 55% off (Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • Sequence is a great game for developing skills in executive functioning areas: sequencing, planning, prioritization, task completion, etc.
  • Also work on visual scanning, memory, visual attention, fine motor skills, gross motor reach, dexterity, and more.

Yeti in My Spaghetti– 10% off (Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • Yeti in My Spaghetti is a fun fine motor game for all ages. Target fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, grasp and dexterity, precision skills, wrist extension, and more.
  • It’s a great executive functioning skills for younger kids, too.

Spoons– 40% off (Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • Spoons is a traditional card game that older students and players will love. This set comes with a convenient carrying case and color coded spoons.
  • Target visual motor skills, visual perception, scanning, fine motor skills, executive functioning skills, and more.
  • It’s a great executive functioning skills for older kids, too.

Pickle Picker (set of 2)– 20% off (Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • A pickle picker is always in my therapy bag. Use it to build strength and stability in the base of the thumb in open thumb web space tasks
  • Push down on the spring loaded button to isolate the thumb IP joint for strength and precision work.
  • Sort small items like mini erasers or craft pom poms.

Rainbow Sorting Bears, Colorful Containers, Dice, and Tongs- 44% off (Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • Colorful and stacking bears for pincer grasp, precision, and fine motor development
  • Includes colorful pots for sorting by color, with shapes for visual perception and visual motor skills
  • 3 different dice to improve fine motor skills and visual motor skills.
  • Includes activity book and mini tweezers, GREAT for hand strength!

8 Colorful Mini-Tongs– 21% off

(Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • Mini tongs for building hand strength, intrinsic strength, open thumb web space, and arch development.
  • Includes 8 colors, GREAT for sorting colorful items like craft pom poms or crumbled up pipe cleaners

Magnetic Block Set– 66% off (Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

Amazon deal for occupational therapy-blocks
  • These Magnetic Blocks are great for building hand strength, and pinch strength. Press them together for resistance work.
  • Plus work with them on a vertical magnetic surface to build core and shoulder strength.
  • Great for visual motor skills.

Fine Motor Cactus Counting Activity Set– 45% off

(Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

prime deals for occupational therapy
  • These colorful cactus counters offer young learners an engaging way to explore math concepts while honing their fine motor skills with a tripod grasp.
  • Pushing the counters into the holes supports hand strength.
  • As children sort, count, and create patterns with these fine motor counters, they develop crucial visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, hand-eye coordination through learning.

Gross Motor Indoor Climbing Toy– 44% off with $10 off coupon

(Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

gross motor climbing toy
  • This one is a bit pricier, but for the parent who is looking for an indoor toy that offers a sensory break, heavy work, and multiple motor skill tasks, this climbing toy hits the mark.
  • Support skills like balance, coordination, core strength, upper body strength, grasp strength, and more. It’s a brain break toy and sensory diet tool all in one.

Learning Resources Sorting Surprise Pirate Treasure– 27% off

(Amazon affiliate link-commissions earned)

  • This set is a fine motor treasure trove! Kids can develop visual perceptual skills to match the correct shaped key to the treasure chest.
  • Then, use fine motor grasps to manage the key and open the chest.
  • Then, manipulate and sort coins and matching colorful items. This toy is a goldmine for visual perception, fine motor, eye-hand coordination, and visual motor integration all in one.

More therapy Toys on Amazon

We’ll update this post regularly with Prime Day deals or everyday Amazon deals for therapy skills. Stay tuned! For more specific therapy toy recommendations, check out our toy lists:

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Amazon Prime deals for occupational therapy

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